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I grew up on eggs with green shells, which are commonly laid by the Araucana breed of chicken. They look and taste the same inside. The most nutritious and best-tasting eggs are produced by chickens that eat a combination of vegetables and insects. Next is chickens that just eat vegetables. Next is chickens that just eat grain. The only way chickens can catch insects is being free-range and non-organic. Even chickens that just eat grain can be organic. Free-run is...
Socks received: thank you, chorse!
I kept a fair number of them that I assumed would come in handy as a reference. Now they're in boxes at my parents' place on the other side of town. Therefore, whenever I need a reference I check if I can find the same information online before I go to the trouble of finding the book. So far nothing has come up that required getting the book.
Feedback welcome. Mon & Thurs: Pendlay Row 3x5 Back Squat 3x5 Tues & Fri: Military Press 1x8 Bench Press 1x8 Deadlift 1x8 My goal is hypertrophy and I don't have very much time to exercise, so I'm trying to do fast Starting Strength. The rows and squats get three sets each because I'm still working on form. I have tight lats, so I prefer the rows over chin-ups. Once I plateau on rows I'll learn how to do power cleans.
Boo: no shipping outside the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by MCsommerreid Give you teh black lung, metaphorically speaking. Wear a respirator. +1 All particles that size are not a good idea to be breathing: I don't see anything on the Google about skin absorption.
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney More hoppy = more bitter (in most cases). Fixed. I hate hops. IPA = failbeer
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Corn syrup won't replenish your glucose effectively. And most people don't deplete enoughy glucose in a workout to require huge replenishment PWO. Why not? I'm talking about dark corn syrup, the kind that's 100% glucose. And I dissolve it in water before I drink it. Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant What ou cite above is pretty outdated (with all respect)- the fat/milk slowing...
For the last two weeks I've been drinking whey + water + dextrose* and some dates on the side. The majority says that your muscles immediately need glucose to recover and the glucose will carry protein with it, so drink sugars with at least a 3:1 ratio of glucose to fructose and don't eat anything that will slow digestion (milk, fat, etc). There is a vocal minority that says that all that matters is eating a high-carb, high-protein meal within 3 hours of lifting and you...
Bobby Flay doesn't strike me as having a good sense of humour. And most of the female hosts go for the serious but having fun persona.
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