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Chocolate-covered coffee beans in trail mix > campfire coffee
What's the fabric composition and chest measurement of the Burberry sweater? Thank you.
Here's what I've gathered from reading online articles and forums: Muscles need glucose. Other sugars can be converted into glucose, but it takes enzymes time. Monosaccharides are absorbed quickly, polysaccharides need to be broken down. glucose > fructose > galactose monosaccharide > disaccharide > polysaccharide sucrose = glucose + fructose disaccharide lactose = glucose + galactose disaccharide dextrose = glucose monosaccharide maltodextrin = glucose...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac She's short? Whatever you do, don't get Issey, it is a really unflattering scent for her body type. The citrus notes will accentuate her stubbiness This thread is useless without pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by BPerm Mon & Thurs - Workout A: DB press Flat Bench Press DB Fly's Cable Fly's Incline DB press Incline Fly's Decline Bench Press Decline DB press Decline Fly's Hammer Curls BB curls SB curls Abs-20 minutes Sprints-20 minutes (longest Day) Out of curiosity, just how long is that?
Geeze, I was just doing some research about this and it turns out the USDA doesn't even regulate the term "free range" for eggs. I give up: the only way to get good eggs is buy them from the farmer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike You could get a vintage Burberry and have it altered: What did you have done?
BTW: It's not a trenchcoat, it's a double-breasted overcoat.
I grew up on eggs with green shells, which are commonly laid by the Araucana breed of chicken. They look and taste the same inside. The most nutritious and best-tasting eggs are produced by chickens that eat a combination of vegetables and insects. Next is chickens that just eat vegetables. Next is chickens that just eat grain. The only way chickens can catch insects is being free-range and non-organic. Even chickens that just eat grain can be organic. Free-run is...
Socks received: thank you, chorse!
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