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Okay, let me rephrase that: for those of you on seasonal cycles, how do you decide when to switch from bulking to cutting? I started my first ever bulking cycle in September and I'm on track to meet most of my goals by Christmas. Do I set higher goals and keep eating, or switch to cutting?
What's the typical timing for a bulk/cut cycle? ie: What time of year do you stop bulking and start cutting? What's a reasonable rate of weight loss during cutting?
Here's a question: why wouldn't DC use steroids? Given the dollar value of his physical appearance, steroids are a relatively simple way of maximizing that value. Hell, if I were financing QoS I'd demand that his handlers pull out all the stops.
Next question: can I take high-res photos of my own jeans and hang them in my house after the pair has been retired? The crotch of my first pair of raw jeans is finally blown and I feel like there should be some way to commemorate all the time we spent together...
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Flat feet, in and of itself, can by it's very nature be a problem: flat feet are inherently more flexible - less of a rigid lever to propel the body forward. They require more strength in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to provide the lack of strength and rigidity. It's a less-efficient foot that becomes fatigued more quickly. Any thoughts on how to strengthen the foot and ankle muscles to make up for flat...
A while ago I ordered from socks from skefferz and they didn't show up. When I told him, he sent new pairs - no questions asked. That's great customer service and I would definitely recommend skefferz as a seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Why were you wearing the Superfeet in the first place? Um, good question. I think my Mom got me to start wearing them when I was a teenager and I just kept wearing them. I do have significant pronation, but apparently I can reasonably compensate. Back when I wore sandals I'd experience some pain at the start of every summer when I switched from supportive shoes, so that made me believe that I needed the...
I have pronated flat feet. I've been using Superfeet for years. I don't have pain or other obvious issues. I recently got extended health insurance so I went to a podiatrist. He convinced me that I don't need custom orthotics and that Superfeet do nothing. I haven't been wearing any insoles for the past few weeks and it appears he was right.
I'm getting 6.5/weekday. It's definitely not enough. But my social life is really skewed toward weekdays right now and it's hard to leave the ball at 9. I'm not sure how to fix this.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano 5.7s should not really require any heal hooks, or things like that. +1 Unless your gym is very sandbagged (underrated), if you can't at least struggle your way up a 5.7, then you're either in very bad shape or are doing something completely wrong (like trying to pull-up your way up). Any competent climber should be able to quickly critique you: just ask anyone standing around at the gym. Once you...
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