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In "autumn" colours except dark chocolate.
Jeans received. USPS got them here quite quickly and with no border fees - yay! Orange packaged them well and provided good customer service. Also: I think the size 32s fit like APC NS 30s. I'm glad I didn't listen to the people on the forum who size down Diors.
I got the shoes and they fit perfectly! I consider myself a "true" 12D, so maybe you should consider yourself a 12E, tony? They were really well packaged and got here pretty quick. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by KenN My girlfriend and I are actually thinking of doing something similar. My plan was to have a pair of worn denim sandwiched between two pieces of custom cut 1/8" glass, and edge off the compression with a 1/2" gauge frame trim. The only thing that I am concerned with is the weight of the glass panes (and the lack of space for mount holes), there is also a possibility of stress concentration causing fracture from rivets...
I can spend 45 min/day, 4 days/week in the gym - any more would cut into my climbing time. I have been doing an approximation of the Starting Strength novice program for the last four months and eating a caloric excess. I have gained strength - my squat is 1.5 x bodyweight - but also some fat. What can I do in the next six months to optimize my physical appearance? What I've read (eg) says to keep basically the same lifting while eating a caloric...
Kind of a long shot, I know: I have an unworn pair of RB15 dry indigos in a size 30 waist. I need a size 32.
Hoodie received. Exactly as described. And you gotta love in-country shipping for once. It was a pleasuring doing business with you, wttm!
I'd be interested in seeing some more photos of The Hamble, especially a shot of someone wearing one?
I recently purchased an flannel-lined hoodie in a sample sale (so it may not be made to normal specs!). The hoodie is nicely styled and obviously well constructed. The chest fit perfectly. However, the forearms and cuffs were very tight - to the point where I decided I couldn't wear it. I'm a rock climber so I have abnormally big forearms. So although I would generally recommend the flannel-lined hoodies, but if you happen to be a freak like me, I would ask Michael...
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