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3 socks received with goodspeed. Exactly as described. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Sose!
Quote: Originally Posted by allcapitan The Gaps look surprisingly nice. They've gone away from fitted clothes for a long time now, but I hope they regain their senses. As far as undersizing the inseam, it seems like everyone does that. Don't know why. Living in a small town and just recently becoming interested in slim non-denim pants I was hoping I could get a ruling on whether a 9" hem counts as "slim". I was planning on waiting for the MJK...
Gap Original Khakis seem reasonably slim: They're tapered and the hem is just under 9". I usually wear size-32 pants. The 31 was skin-tight. I picked up a 32 because they were slightly tighter around the butt, etc. than I'd like and I'm hoping they don't stretch too much. If you're ordering online, note that the inseam is a full 1" less than marked.
Socks received! I'd say they're more mid-calf, at least on my giant feet, but that's my fault for not getting measurements - they're still very nice socks. AJL actually refunded a few dollars when it turned out that his shipping cost estimate was too high - that's excellent customer service!
PM on #55
The Nagranis are mid-calf ("ovadafut" or whatever), right?
8.5E Florsheim Imperial Longwing Brown pebblegrain Blutchers $16
Just got my socks! Skefferz did a great job of shipping them. The length is exactly as described. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjg22 What colour and how much would you be willing to pay? I have a brand new one, unworn, tags on, that I ordered last week (should arrive today) in black. Not sure how much I want it anymore. Sorry, I'm not into black. Thanks for the offer, though.
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