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Try posting this in Streetwear & Denim.
PM on the longwings
PM sent.
PM on 21
I'd prefer my black-tie kit to have as much overlap with my conservative business attire kit, because I plan on going to far more interviews and funerals than black-tie occasions. An example of an overlapping item is black calf wholecut oxfords. Is it acceptable to wear a shirt with: spread collar covered placket French cuffs plain front white poplin
I find this guide to training for competitive rock climbing illuminating: Quote: Strength - The ability for the muscle to stay contracted under a maximum load. Power - The ability to generate the contraction of strength Strength is static and power is dynamic. ... [Strength] can be trained using isolation movements, focusing on a specific set of muscles, while power is best trained using compound movements, possibly numerous muscle groups with...
It's worth noting that Pendlay rows are supposed to be done explosively, which is one of the things that distinguishes them from barbell rows. I don't really understand why rows replace cleans in some variants of Starting Strength. It's something about "a small pull from the floor" to complement the deadlift "a big pull from the floor". Rows overlap a fair bit with pull-ups when it comes to muscles involved. I did a Pendlay row progression and the problem I found is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Ashtanga yoga is definitely some difficult stuff. It's a form of strength training, not at all like the vision commonly associated with Yoga in America. I did it for awhile and the first few times, I really liked it, but overtime I started to drop off because it took too much of my energy which I would have rather used benching, squatting, etc. It takes all you've got to do everything and I imagine that serious...
Anywhere with reasonable shipping to Canada? (Framesdirect is US$35)
I got a pair of grey wool+lycra Mabitexs from theyare. They were well shipped and true to measurements, so theyare is surely a good seller. However, I should have paid closer attention because the EUR48s definitely fit like US30s: they look awesome on my younger brother. I'll be reselling them on here soon.
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