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Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I made a marcella tuxedo shirt for myself. White poplin with marcella collar, cuffs, bib front, with three stud holes. Is there any interest in these? They would be $145. I'd prefer pleats over marcella, but I'm definitely interested. What's your timeline like?
Hey Jason, would you consider making a cumberbund out of the facing fabric used in the tux? I'm thinking flat without pleats might go best with the TaT aesthetic...
I had a deviated septum and a distinct bend to my nose from a childhood break. A few years ago I had it fixed by an ENT by rebreaking and setting my nose. I didn't go to a plastic surgeon because my medical coverage covered the ENT but wouldn't have covered that. Now my nose is nearly straight but has a slight curve that I'm sure only I notice. My breathing is better but I suspect still not 100%.
I just got a pair of the Mabitex's. They're very nice. I would definitely recommend theyare as a seller!
I just got some R&B15s off mlyngard. His description was accurate and he did a great job packing them for shipping. I'd recommend him as a seller.
Can I get hem measurements, please? And how much for shipping to Canada?
All my shoes are straight bar laced. I've tried this on Chucks with a single diagonal workaround and it just doesn't work right. The laces get all twisted (do you replace Converse laces?), the fabric between eyelets bunches and it's hard to get the tension right. How do you lace your Chucks?
I'd like to buy dressy brown chukkas in 12D. I'm in Canada, so I'd like to get them somewhere that doesn't ship by courier. Thanks!
Try posting this in Streetwear & Denim.
PM on the longwings
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