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Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon I have a bottle that is about half full that I'd be willing to part with for cheap, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ship to Canada. Hmm, thanks for the offer appolyon, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble of shipping from Australia for half a bottle? Do any North Americans have some M7 they'd like to get rid of?
What is Rag & Bone's approach to denim in general? What are the different models of Rag & Bone jeans? Besides Denim Bar, is there anywhere else to get them?
Can someone please contrast the fit and other qualities of: KMW 1980 Acne Mic Dior 21 R&B 15I'm looking for a slim, dressy upgrade from APC NSs, and these are what I've pulled out of the archives. Thanks.
I'd like to buy some YSL M7. Opened is okay. Prefer payment by PayPal and shipping to Canada via USPS.
I got a pair of APC NSs a long time ago. I have been wearing them on weekends and they have finally developed a hole near the crotch. So it's time to get a new pair of jeans. I live in a small city in Canada, so I need to buy them online without trying them on. My style is Men's Clothing - Streetwear crossover, so I'm looking for something raw, straight-leg, and minimalist. I wear them cuffed about 25% of the time so selvedge is nice. Even when my NSs were brand new, the...
I've done a fair bit of hiking in Chacos. I like the minimalist aesthetic of the Z/1 in black: But the next pair of hiking sandals I buy will definitely have a closed toe like Keens.
Quote: Originally Posted by flagman How can I understand that? The ties are made from 100% Silk or Polyester or Micropolyester and that information is mentioned on each tie. His point is that polyester neckties are far below the level of quality considered acceptable in this forum and any store that sells polyester ties probably does not sell silk ties of an acceptable quality either. Basically, the people here are nowhere close to your target...
Quote: Originally Posted by contactme_11 what does being Canadian have to do with it? Only Canadians know how to have sex in a canoe without tipping it over. It's a special skill.
Quote: Originally Posted by contactme_11 sunset canoeing is awesome as well. very romantic. But remember: unless you're Canadian, don't try to have sex in a canoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by UTVol085 Have you considered RM Williams? +1 I'd be interested to hear from anyone who owns RMW's Jodphurs.
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