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What is the width of the floral Zegna? And a front-shot would be nice.
What are some brands of minimalist balmoral sneakers? eg (Maharishi/MHI):
Does anyone know where I can buy a brown peacoat in wool or wool-blend lighter than 32 ounces? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shraka Damn, they don't ship internationally. You mean overseas? They certainly ship to Canada: that's how I got on the mailing list.
Quote: Originally Posted by gqreader239 I understand the concept of constantly eating. However, how do you overcome the discomfort from constantly eating when the person's stomach has not stretched to accomadate the extra food? Also, are there any thing such as hunger pills? There's a hunger herb. You need to gradually increase your food intake. Don't try to go from 2000 to 3000 calories overnight.
I'm on AE Jeffersonville's mailing list. They emailed me about a sale. "The ones priced at $244 would be $199. Several others are less than shown too." Email Penny at for more information. 1100S,Manhattan,Black,Dress Welts,263.00 1140S,Manhattan,Brown,Dress Welts,263.00 1150S,Manhattan,Cognac,Dress Welts,263.00 1200S,Evanston,Black,Dress Welts,263.00 1208S,Delray,Black,Dress Welts,244.00 1248S,Delray,Brown,Dress...
I got my socks! Chorse shipped them super-fast and well-packaged. It was a pleasure doing business with him.
Anybody know where I could get a brown peacoat in 24 oz or lighter wool/wool-blend?
The Lancet published a study last year where a bunch of addiction treatment specialists rated drugs in terms of health and societal costs. Khat was the bottom of both lists (far below alcohol and tobacco, of course) -- it'd probably make a good cultural replacement for alcohol. But it'll never be legal in North America as long as Yemeni immigrants are the main users.
I've dabbled with weight lifting for the last few years. I've got my protein intake up and ate high-protein snacks but I've never worried about the other aspects of my diet. I did a bit of cutting this spring/summer and I'd like to try bulking this fall/winter. I eat six meals/day. On lifting days: breakfast pre-workout shake post-workout shake lunch dinner supper On rest days: breakfast brunch lunch tea dinner supper Besides dividing my protein and calorie requirements...
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