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I gotta vent (so feel free to ignore me): I tried bulking & cutting the last two years and I never really got cut and kept losing all my muscle gains: I guess I don't have the genes for abs. So this spring I decided to just keep on bulking under the theory that being jacked is the next best thing to being cut. My weight is 5 lbs heavier than my lifetime max and my lifts are all at lifetime maxes. But I'm having trouble gaining more weight and my lifts are starting to...
You only need to burn the end of a single thread. It's quite obvious if it's synthetic, you'll think "oh, that looks like plastic melting". It's harder to tell the differences between polyester & rayon, and cotton & wool. But usually you're worried about a synthetic fabric being used to fake a specific natural fabric.
My first pair of raws were APC NSs. Since then I've gone through Dior 21cms and Rag & Bone RB15s. I feel like I enjoyed the NSs better (although maybe it was just because it was my first time), so I am going to get another pair unless someone has a great reason why I shouldn't?
Chasing Amy is the one film that deals with this that I can think of off the top of my head. Maybe we can recommend some more films/books for the OP?
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 I am in love with the New Balance MT100. I have taken them on numerous day hikes (15-20mile) and now run with them on the road. I could go on and on about how great they are. The rock guard actually works. You are looking for something sturdier, but give these a look anyway: +1 I just ran a 10k road race in a pair last weekend. They rub on the back of my...
FYI: The reason this might not be getting as much attention as you'd hoped is that many members of this forum believe that striped jackets should only be worn with matching pants (= a suit). You might have better luck on eBay?
Chest measurement please.
PayPal sent.
I have the opposite problem with my French cuff tuxedo shirt: the cuffs ride down until the whole cuff is past the jacket sleeve. Since French cuffs can't be tightened, what are my options? Have my tailor shorten the sleeves or wear armbands?
Quote: Originally Posted by CorneliusP How about continue with progressive barbell loading, ala Starting Strength If you can continue progressing weight on a caloric deficit, then I don't think it's time to be cutting. Last spring I was on a bulking diet. I hit the Starting Strength newbie plateau and switched to a cutting diet and the Hypertrophy-Specific Training program. I lost some fat and some muscle but never got down to my body fat...
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