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Quote: Originally Posted by arirang Even though the jacket is the same... Nope – both look quite different to me. The first looks like flannel, the second a linen mix: Quote: Originally Posted by arirang Quote: Originally Posted by arirang I could be wrong of course, but the stitching around the lapels and pockets flaps is also much more evident on the more 'casual' jacket. EDIT:...
I'd forgotten about some of these. Quality. I'm sure I've got some stashed away somewhere too...
Quote: Originally Posted by malwear ... and I've got the gap between shirt collar and lapels in the front... Try buttoning your jacket up for starters.
^ She looks butters* in that pic there. *to confuse our transatlantic pals :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood They used to be a warehouse selling off the dregs of fashion brands. Now they are an international distribution stream selling millions of units at barely reduced prices. At some point the brands were going to notice that their shit was being sold off as "bargain" and it hurts the brand more than it helps clear stock. Having dabbled in affiliate marketing and knowing some industry leaders, brands would...
Looks like a functional tab collar to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Galix Sorry to hear that. I just discovered your shoes a few days ago and I was impressed on how nice they look. I wish you the best personally and professionally. Plus one to that.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal I can't respect someone who does not know how to grasp a shovel. I pity the Royal member. * funny joke about crown jewels to go here *
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Even those who know William do not call him Wills when writing or speaking in public. Those who pay for his lifestyle can call him what they damn well please.
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