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Wow we just got done watching the movie at the theaters. I was scared like a little baby girl my god. I have not been that scared since Blair Witch. I know some people like to laugh at it and mock it. It's fairly easy to do with scary movies. This one is damn good.
Unfortunately I only know about this specific shoe and I know there is another 11 and 12. There was another cool boot I wanted but it was only in 12 and 13. Otherwise the shoes were goofy work bootish things. I'll check it out for you guys though just in case.
Just picked up a pair of these at the local Red Wing store in Indiana. Heck of a deal on these...there were two other pair left in 11 and 12. These are a lot like the JCrew/Redwing hybirds but they have flat, white soles (check out the pics). I am going in again tomorrow, so if anyone wants a pair, I can have them shipped CONUS for $165 if they're still around there. Retail for $240. One thing to note is that these do not come with insoles. Kinda funky, but it's the way...
Mourning was the reason I was a big fan of the Heat for so long. I would go apesh*t if I could see him so close in person This one is from the Pacers side-->Larry Bird!!!! Pretty excited about this one!!
But was a player, and a great one at that...
Not Chris Quinn. Someone a little more special, but maybe just as unattractive. Another hint: not a player.
Was able to get to the season opener in Indianapolis to see the Pacers take on the Heat. Special game. The Heat won!, and I got a pretty smokin' auto!!! See if you can recognize the scribble on the ticket.
Lots of judgers on the forum...
Quote: Originally Posted by wahwho11 ^wing and horns? I like the first one, link? +1 on the first one
They get a little snappy about the search option, right? A little neurotic I think... I like the same style (smart casual), and I model my threads to J Crew, Martin&Osa for every day, and then to spiff it up maybe Brooks Brothers/Nordstrom stuff.
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