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Currently: "Effects of overnight sleep restriction on brain chemistry and mood in women with unipolar depression and healthy controls." Bernier, et. al. Riveting results linking magnetic resonance spectroscopy results in the dorsal prefrontal cortex and pons to physiological responses to sleep deprivation. Also: various radiation physics textbooks CAN'T WAIT TILL GRADUATION...the reading list has already been accumulating.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I might be able to finish 50 comic books in a year, but real books? Maybe if you're talking Hank the Cowdog. Certainly not anything without large text or pictures. Man no kidding. 50 books is a challenge; at a rate of about 4 per month, you either need to be voracious reader or just read little novelas. Certainly Ayn Rand and Tolstoy would feel left out next year if you decided to take on the challenge.
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz mexicans travel all the way up to canada..? They're everywhere!! And I'm OK with them making my garment
Initiallly we wanted to just order some pizza and have cheesecake chimichangas to make it simple, but some of our invited guests were more for the idea of cooking, so I'm afraid we're accepting a semi-traditional meal. I say semi because we're actually going to eat prime rib. We're holding fast to the cheesecake chimis, though...
J Crew Vintage Slim-Fit jean. Hand made in Canada
Ran 1.7 miles today in 15 minutes on a treadmill in a quiet university gym this evening. Performance tonight wasn't at all impressive: a food hangover from this morning's breakfast binge (eggs, buscuits, slab of beef, potatoes and gravy, etc) slowed me down, but going to the gym today was an absolute must
I own this coat in the same year in a size medium. It runs a bit big for a medium, with ample space for sweaters underneath. The pit to pit measurement is 23-23.5", pretty big for a medium. Fits more like a large.
Great pair of shoes, my friend. I would recommend posting in the other FS categories for more looks. These should sell.
Quote: Originally Posted by itsmedeka would love a pair if you could find 9.5 or 10 Yeah sorry...been wearing these boots around for about a week off and on and they're really sweet. I think I prefer the look of these to the JCrewXRedwing of the similar style, which carry a premium even on eBay because of the JCrew name.
I know the manly thing to do is have it black. Very manly in fact, and one can develop a taste for the bitters. I'll take my tea plain, but sugar and cream for my coffee, please!
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