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Another PM your way...
The shoes are quite nice, but I gotta say the photography is fan-effing-tastic!
Trash receptacle
Don't listen to these spendthrifts that overpay for a timekeeper. Believe me, there are nice watches to be had in the <$500 range. I just bought a Tissot PRC 200 and it looks like I spend a lot more than I did!! Get compliments all the time. Check Tissot out, or maybe keep an eye out for a sweet vintage Longines, depending on your style.
Ski pants? Dolce & Gabbana? Hmmm....really?
If prior poster doesn't, I will.
Decent used cars can be had for this price...
Shoulder width is 21", biceps are 8.5" laid flat.
Bump for a price change! $55!
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