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Yes, a good price for a nice blazer...a close up pic of the fabric would be nice.
Price Drop Tie
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylephile Do these shoes have a removable insole? That depends mostly on how hard you want to work at it! I guess you could remove it, but it would take some elbow WD-40. So no removable insoles, basically...
Price Drop!
PRICE DROP $40 now for brand new J Crew
+1 there. Let this be a lesson in shoe care...I know these probably don't have a ton of miles anyhow, but meticulous care has kept this lot of shoes looking like they could still be on the shelf. A+ pal!
For your consideration PRICE REDUCTION: New in box: J Crew Split toe oxfords, size 11.5. I bought these about a year ago, and wore them once inside to test 'em out. I wasn't real keen on them, and they were a tad big (I normally wear 11, these I believe are true to size), so I just ditched them in the closet. This is an opportunity to get a pretty slick deal on these new shoes. Condition wise, I'd rate them 98.5/100. A decent pair of J Crew quality oxfords. These...
Zegna shirt now! PRICE DROP! Tagged 15.5 39. Purchased the shirt without knowing the actual measurements, thus the fit was not what I was hoping. The neck is 15.5, but the chest measures 23" across!! Sleeves are 35" long, and biceps are 9" laid flat. 33" long. Shirt is used, but is in excellent condition and has been recently dry cleaned and pressed. As with the tie and other Zegna clothing, this fabric is absolutely luxurious. Looking for $40-->$35 shipped CONUS....
Check out this tie! Interesting color combination with this tie, but as with other Zegna ties, the colors are incredibly rich and vibrant; you can tell this is a high quality tie by the feel and look. Made in Italy. $18-->$14 shipped CONUS!!! MINT condition. 4" wide and about 63" long (LONG!)
Quote: Originally Posted by fredfred Nice that you put a bag in a men's "clothing" for sale section. Do you wear it on your head? OH.... you put it in the "other" section (where it should be) also. Nice that you are clogging up the board with this. You with 4 posts and 13 ebay sales. Quit being a dick!
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