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Not a bad deal....if you don't get any luck here, try eBay. It's funny...sometimes Starbucks gift cards will auction for more than face value. You should probably get 80-90 bucks there easy.
I would think the glasses were made for you...fit looks good! I couldn't pull them off
Agreed. I'd like to see chest measurements as well as some pics...close ups of the fabric are nice...
Let's put it this way...big ass ties aren't cool. One request if I may: if you wear it slim, please keep it reasonable...
I feel like style and brand can be very similar. For example, as a casual student I loved buying from J. Crew and Gap because as a whole they represented the style I was going for. That doesn't mean I wouldn't buy elsewhere, but it's easier to shop at certain stores because they feature a salient style theme. That said, there are some items at these stores I wouldn't be paid to wear.
That said, it's probably my turn: 1. suit - $300 (A SF Armani Collezioni Special)* 2. shirt - $40* 3. pair of pants - $40* 4. pair of shoes/boots - $150 5. pair of socks - $7 6. coat - $180 7. tie - $15 8. square - $3 9. odd jacket - $40 10. watch - $325 11. pair of cufflinks - $25 12. belt - $15 *Tailoring extra Nota bene: these are numbers of a recent grad. I have yet to earn an "adult" wage, so I imagine once the six figs come rolling in these...
This thread gives good insight about what kind of money people are WILLING to spend on things; most of the posters probably have quality stuff (I gather only because they are posting on StyleForum, but this may not necessarily be the case), but have managed to keep their spending low. Others have quite willingly paid thousands for clothing items, often probably at the same quality level as others who spent much less. Anyway, a fun post!
Last call before these hit eBay! $40 Conus...can't really beat it.
Making your own lunch has its advantages: you can eat what you want, and you can eat healthy. Typically the cheaper option as well. However, the variety is crap once you reach the week's end, and face it, it's boring. I love eating out, but with only a half hour's time, it becomes very difficult to eat well. Most healthy places aren't necessarily fast. It can get expensive, so find a place near your office that is your go-to: cheap, semi-healthy, but delicious. I'm...
Damn, I totally want those Maglis...I hate that all the shoes on this forum are 8.5-9.5
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