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An inch's worth of Crown Royal before bed...
Yeah, Filson's great with their warranty. I have a computer bag that is rugged as heck, but the leather strap in one tiny spot started to crack. I went in and the guy gave me one to replace the strap as well as an extra just in case I had any additional problems. Expensive, but very sweet gear.
A couple pictures for fantasy's sake.
Have been searching the Forum for a decent pair of black oxfords...can't seem to find any size 11s out there. I'm looking for a decent pair of lace ups that are new or have minimal wear. Ah hell, I'd consider used items...if the uppers are still good; I can always resole 'em. Brand isn't terribly important, but I like the styles of Church's, Bruno Magli, Cole Haan Collection, etc. Anything is probably better than my years old pair of box toed Halogens (yes, Halogen.) Cap...
I don't see it...
Why the HELL would you tuck a tie? Rolling up the trousers is a great way to declare how "relaxed" you are (or want to be). Looks great with loafers or deck shoes of course. Some do it up a bit more, but I think it can look a little tacky with a tie or affected retro look.
I don't think you can ever go wrong with navy, especially paired with some lightweight khakis in the summertime.
How much currently for the Jacobs khakis sz 32?
We may come to a deal on the Pink shirt. What's the reduced price? You can email
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