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I'll donate a bump. This watch is really incredible. Never wore a watch before last summer, but bought this watch after one look. The aesthetics of the watch are wonderful, and the proportions are ideal. The watch face seems smaller than others, less gaudy and more classy. The sapphire crystal face is really tough to scratch; after one full year of use (and I wear it every day to work and play), the face has not one scratch on it. Any time I suspect I just know I've...
Thanks for the lead; can't believe it!
I know i only have a 16GB Black, but it's weird, I only paid $200 for it. I guess if you include the apple care plan and tax it was more like $300, so I guess $1,250 is fair....
Yikes! No shoetrees on the loafers, eh? Would have done those babies some good...
Quote: Originally Posted by twon12 The information I posted is based on the website I purchased the shoes from. I am no expert to say you are incorrect. Thanks, tony Very diplomatic.
So the good pics are gone, and I'm posting a couple really bad pics. They're ugly pics, but you've seen the fabric and the build of the jacket. These just will give you an idea of about how big it is on a human being. I'm 5'9", 170. Obviously, it's draping on my (2 sizes too big), but you get an idea about the length.
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