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Just got these in from Spain!! Brand new, never been worn outside! MEERMIN 10UK, 11US Rapello Cuero Dark Tan Suede Double Monks, brand new with original box, original shoe bag, and receipts if you want them! Meermin is an up-and-coming brand from Mallorca, Spain that hand makes shoes with quality Goodyear welting. Let the pics speak for themselves. Shoes fit to size. $205 includes shipping in the continental USA. Extra worldwide.
Interest Check! I have a pair of Meermin's fresh from Mallorca, Spain, brand new in box. The shoes fit true to size, and are very high quality for the price (160euro~$215). These are handmade, goodyear welted kicks, according to the website. I just want to get my money back (shipping from Spain was 30euro!!), and I think with the demand on these a price of $235 including shipping is quite fair. Any takers? The photo is stock. I can take additional photos tonight if there...
Interest Check! Thinking about tossing these on eBay but of course wanted to let y'all in on this first! J Crew Aldridge Suit Jacket, 40R -Worn only for light alterations. I think I brought the sleeves up a scoash, and can provide measurements if interested, but that's it. I bought it for my wedding but after trying it on a few times the fit just isn't right. I'm not a 40R, but the 38 felt too tight in the store I guess (or I lost weight...) -Heather Charcoal
I was pretty silly to post this without any measurements! Chest: 22.5" across Shoulder: 17.5" Sleeve: 32-33" Thanks for looking!
Hey guys. I bought this sweater a couple years ago thinking I would need a nice sweater for work after grad school. Turns out I've worn it once in the ~2 years since, so I'm dumping it. 100% cotton, has not been washed (to retain thread quality).
free bump! great looking shoes!
Hey guys, sorry for the caps. Have been looking for some brown brogues to sport to work and play with on the weekend to the city. I've kept my eyes on the brands Grenson and Paul Smith, though I am not picky with brands, just style. Like a brown brown or a chocolate brown. Price is negotiable, but I can buy them new for $250-$300. Let me know. 11D
Wow those are nice
Why in the world are you selling? God the jacket looks great on you! (...and it would probably look good on me...quite tempting)
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