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That's one amazing PS! Brand?
Anyone knows who makes Ovadia & Sons "made in italy" shoes? I thought Alfred Sargent made their shoes, but "made it italy" excludes them from possible makers. It's these particular shoes I'm interested in http://www.ovadiaandsons.com/shop/products/Snuff-Suede-Bedford-Single-Buckle-Shoe.html
I saw on ed et al's facebook page that they have a limited amount of shoe trees in stock. Was quite expensive though, think it was SGD$70.
I'd prefer a triangular end as well and a MTO program definitely sounds awesome
Wow. Stunning boot.
Sometimes I hate myself. I made an offer instead of going for the BIN. Argh, why do I have to be so stingy?!
God damn I want a yellow or green unicorn PS! But right now I need to save the money for some other, more important, stuff. Self-control to the max!
I was in contact with Richard earlier this year regarding advising on a pair of C&J lowndes and i must say the service and time and effort he put in the answers is outstanding! Unfortunately I settled with another pair of double monks from another retailer, but it was definitely a pleasure to deal with you Richard!
Damn, I want those shell balmoral boots! Anyone here bought them?
Congratulations on making it to Uppsala University! I'm studying law there right now and I can say that there is not alot of law students using either a briefcase or a backpack. Actually, like 8/10 including me are using a nylon messenger bag which we get for free from a Swedish business law firm on the annual employment market exhibition. It's not the most beautiful thing but it does its job. It's big and pretty sturdy and you dont have to worry about loosing it or...
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