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more price drops. I'm a poor business student and need to buy books
price drop
Big link : Asking $155 us CONUS $145 CAD if you're in Canada prices include shipping from Canada Nice jeans but the fit just didnt work out for me. Black. Worn 10ish times. Never soaked, only the factory one-wash. Some stretching in the waist. Creases should reset. pics: Measurements...
Quote: Originally Posted by tim_pnin The stock answer would be that a black oxford (balmoral) cap-toe -- like the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue -- is the foundational basic in a shoe collection. This is especially true for someone who works in a profession that still requires a suit and tie. In any case, since you no doubt will need to wear a suit and tie on some occasions (funeral, wedding, job interview, etc.) you should probably make this your first...
Recommend me a dress shoe style for an office workplace setting. (dont have any good dress shoes atm) black/brown? oxford/blucher/loafer? wingtip/captoe? Thanks.
Who should I use to send a pair of jeans from Canada to USA? I'd prefer something with tracking.
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