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Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark Mine came today. Same box/bottle. Lot#A3219F91. Funny thing is the packing slip says Eau de Toilette. I'm guessing someone who inputted the sku into the walgreen system didn't know any better. Btw, smells glorious! took delivery of my GIT yesterday as well. I regretfully admit having paid more for 2.5oz bottles of Creed in the past...thanks for the WG tip off.
Great suggestions...thanks guys!
I'm planning a 2-3 day trip to the city the week of Christmas with my wife and 4 year old. We'll be staying in mid-town for proximity to FAO, American Girl, etc. Any suggestions for shows, dinner and other holiday 'must see or do' for a 4 year old girl? She loves Sound of Music so we may get tickets for a show, but we'll be winging it for the most part so, recommendations are appreciated.
Ahh...couldn't make out the lettering on the inside and have not seen the nail pattern. I made the assumption they were C&J. Suggestions for alternative sources would be appreciated. I have been looking at the usual sources (pedi, bodileys, etc.), but no luck yet.
Anyone know if these are coming back to the 2010 spring/summer lineup at BB?
I have been wearing a Burberry/Hickey navy suit and it has held up to moderate use (3-5x/yr). Based on my pinch test it feels canvased.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos The Bodileys photo is the closest approximation to its colour IRL on my monitor. It is a nice last, but unfortunately not suitable for larger foot sizes (> 8 UK in my estimation) or wide(r) feet. Thanks. I saw your post a while back, but the pic appeared to be in artificial light. Fortunately for me I am UK8.5
Anyone have pics of the Wigmore that represent the true color? Mahogany Burnished Calf is the labeled color, but as you see from the pics below each looks different. I would like to see some natural light pics if possible...hoping they're less dark than they appear in the Pediwear pic. Please share if you have them...thanks! From C&J site: From Bodiley's: From Pediwear:
New Crockett & Jones Wingtip for Brooks/Peal US 9D Previously Ivory (link), but I 'antiqued' these to achieve a whiskey/cognac finish (see "dye your own" thread). Toe and heal taps added, but can be easily removed, new laces. I did wear these on rugs around the house, but ultimately they are a little too tight. IMO the 360 last fits similar to the 348 though the toe box is elegantly round and not chiseled as with the 348. Looking only to get what I have into these....
Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I'll knock out the tongue and brogue/perfs this weekend...I have small painters brushes that will do the trick. A good spit shine on the heal and toes should make these wearable soon.
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