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that is not a 38R or 40R. I know the tag says 50. How do you fit a 38, much less speaking a 40, chest in that suit. It would be like rubble glove.
beautiful jacket. BTW, you have 4 out of the 10 threads on the top of the FS board at this moment. They are all nice stuff.
wish these were in solid navy. are there no size 36 on the board?
I dry clean suits once or twice a year, but I don't wear any of them more than 2-3 times a month. Sometimes, I even get my suits dry cleaned even if they apprear to be quite clean, because I fear without doing it once in a while, a suit may grow mildew and get the rest of the closet affected. Am I being unnecessarily concerned?
nice shirts. measurements on #2? shouldn't you post it on the PS board?
You can say that some people are suckers and they are just willing to pay more for the "made in Italy" tag regardless of quality. Or you can say that some people are snubs who want a discount for "made in China" tag for no good reason. I think almost all of us are guilty of one or the other.
wow, you have 10-12 inch drop? I'd be happy to have your problem. I doubt getting an ORT shirt darted can fit you well. I mean, can it take in that much? It is a great problem to have.
smaller size suits maybe?
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