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bidders are only interested in auctions that they think they can "steal". That is not good for sellers unless you are selling junks or you don't care about lossing money. The trend is moving towards fixed priced sale. eBay should lower the final fee on the fixed priced sales to attract more listings and that will help its auction segment as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemaven I think the idea is that if you fall into the camp of both needing a shorter sleeve AND buying BL/PL you would be willing to take it to your tailor and have the sleeve sized perfectly... I assume! Makes sure that there are shirts for those of us with longer arms... There is a limit though. I don't think any tailor can shorten a 35" sleeve to 32/33 without making it look weird.
where is the tutuorial on how to creat the link?
the LB doesn't look like have working sleeves for the last pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Wow, great price, I'm tempted to shave down my toes. I wish I had bigger feet!
I recently ordered a HP 8710W for a ridiculously low price and it runs fairly fast and has a beautiful 1920x1200 17" screen. With HP's 3-year warranty, I intend to run to pretty much around the clock, just I run my desktops.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiLLscaLLion Just a friendly reminder that there's hardly any need to make a new post every time you sell an item or respond to a PM. The need was bumping his thread
so many shirts, yet none fits me perfectly. Some good deals.
nice shoes. too large
Wish this were my size. Where are the size 40's here? What are you waiting for?
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