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Thanks! And it is INSTANT cashback.
Am I missing something? 39% of a tie which weighs about 2oz is about 0.8oz. At $950/oz, the gold in this tie is worth $760. Even the full retail price is a huge discount to the cost of material. What am I getting wrong?
You can blend in 39% of pure gold and still make it wearable? Very interesting.
inventory update: light pink T&A and Barba are sold. Only T&A left is the pale yellow #4. Just added a very slim Truzzi/MF shirt and I am still going through my closet.
Wow, great deals on the Fray and Isaia. I would've jumped on them at these prices if the shoulder width were a bid narrower.
I decided to put on sale a Barba shirt, also NWT. These were all bought for myself initially.
great deals for big guys.
#1, #2, and #3 are all sold. Regarding a question on #4 and #5: the colors are conservative, NOT electric at all. Although as as formal as solid white, or even solid blue, are perfectly ok by most dressing codes.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran Very nice shirts WJ! Thanks. These seems to be getting a lot of interests so you must be right I just added another one, pink #5. This is the last one in this batch.
Quote: Originally Posted by buddha123 PMed Please check you PMed to me because I didn't get it. Edit: never mind. Apparently there is a delay in the PM system. I got it.
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