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#1, #2, and #3 are all sold. Regarding a question on #4 and #5: the colors are conservative, NOT electric at all. Although as as formal as solid white, or even solid blue, are perfectly ok by most dressing codes.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran Very nice shirts WJ! Thanks. These seems to be getting a lot of interests so you must be right I just added another one, pink #5. This is the last one in this batch.
Quote: Originally Posted by buddha123 PMed Please check you PMed to me because I didn't get it. Edit: never mind. Apparently there is a delay in the PM system. I got it.
Update: only the pale yellow T&A is available now. Adding a couple of Truzzi/Mastai Ferretti as I go through closet clearance. I have a few NWT T&A shirts for sale. They are all in clean, flawless condition, All are in similar size, neck 15.5, shoulder about 18, pit-2-pit 21.5 to 22, sleeves about 25, waist tapered to about 20. All have the traditional T&A 3-button cuff, beautiful MOP buttons. Price is $80 each for these T&A's paypal personal (or plus 3% for...
Quote: Originally Posted by brokencycle A couple months ago I won an auction for two pair at for $24 after shipping, and I got 4 pair. @wj2009 I wear a 10 or 10.5B in AE and they are a bit snug. It really depends on width, I think. Goto woodlore's website. They'll tell you. Thanks. I assume these costco trees are woodlore size M?
What is minimum size of shoes these trees can fit in. I know they say size 8 but I heard that is misleading.
Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark Looks like there might be an increased % on 8/10.. maybe???! I received this in my email: As a special thank you to our favorite customers: We wanted you to be among the first to know about our incredible back to school savings. Starting AUGUST 10th, just in time for back to school, you can earn even more cashback than usual. Don't forget to start shopping soon - deals like this don't last long! Doesn't...
I wonder if any retail store even sell this many pairs of incotex.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond I always buy my correct collar size (15) and as long as the shoulders fit i have the rest of the shirt tailored. They take the sides in, the chest in and go right down the sleeves to narrow them. I always request they keep the placket when shortening sleeves. I have never had a problem with this. It usually costs me around $35.00 for a shirt. I find all shirts (even black label) to be too roomey and need to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi A tailor can move the cuff and placket as far as you want without it looking any different than if it had been made that way originally. Don't sleeves slim down from shoulder to cuff? If you shorten the cuffs too much, won't the sleeves look wider than they should be close to the cuff? I just don't understand why these top brands don't make "S" batches.
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