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agavilanes, clear up some room in your PM inbox. You cannot accept PM any more.
Quote: Originally Posted by spertia You will lose the cashback. That is why there is typically a 60-day waiting period -- to keep people from trying to buy something, pocket the cashback, and then return it. you may get lucky though because ebay sometimes forget to update bing. after all it is not ebay paying.
3.25" width sounds very narrow. Maybe it should be 4.25"?
Thanks! And it is INSTANT cashback.
Am I missing something? 39% of a tie which weighs about 2oz is about 0.8oz. At $950/oz, the gold in this tie is worth $760. Even the full retail price is a huge discount to the cost of material. What am I getting wrong?
You can blend in 39% of pure gold and still make it wearable? Very interesting.
inventory update: light pink T&A and Barba are sold. Only T&A left is the pale yellow #4. Just added a very slim Truzzi/MF shirt and I am still going through my closet.
Wow, great deals on the Fray and Isaia. I would've jumped on them at these prices if the shoulder width were a bid narrower.
I decided to put on sale a Barba shirt, also NWT. These were all bought for myself initially.
great deals for big guys.
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