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added a Vestimenta suit in 36R and a coupel of Luciano Barbera cashmere ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by drducky Blancs typically refers to Barbera's mainline which is certainly very high quality LB Saroriale tends to have slightly more luxe fabrics in my experience with much more handwork over the years, it has been made by St Andrews, Attolini, Partenopea and also has a cut more in line with those makers, though not sure who is make for the sartoriale line now My experience is that having "blancs" on the label...
Borrelli is sold. A couple of people asked for measurements on the S6. I am posting them. Thanks for the interest.
Added more shirts. Shipping on shirts is flat $5 to CONUS regardless of quantity.
Quote: Originally Posted by JTA It is a 36 not 38. LBCZ is not a fashion forward brand hence the chest is cut with around 2.5-3" allowance. The industry standard is up to 4". My previous experience on LBCZ by St. Andrews has a 19.5 inches p2p which is a standard 36 suit. Thanks for the explanation and I agree. I am also consolidating sale threads and adding a few items.
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen measures to more like a 38R It is probably more like 38R by RLBL standard, but I think for most brands 38R would have a p-2-p close to 20, and pants waist close to 32. FWIW, LB labeled it 46R in EU size.
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 f*ck, 3 buttons..., that never works for me, oh well... It is more like a 3 roll 2 1/2 if that helps.
measurements are up too. If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks for reading.
photos are up now. Taking measurements.
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