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Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran Shoulders maybe, buy how are you concluding that on the basis of the chest size? Its 43 inches. I thought the tradition is 4" more than the labeled size. Nowadays it seems certain brands are pushing it slimmer. Still, I think 2" is a bit too tight. And as you agree, 18" shoulder is for 36-38, not 41.
Your shoulder and chest measurements seem closer to a 39 than a 41.
Quote: Originally Posted by darvin New member here and just had a couple great buying experiences from the following users: wj2009 - Turnbull & Asser Shirt AnGeLiCbOrIs - Givenchy Suit Both items arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thanks for making everything so painless! Thanks darvin. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
T2 and T6 are sold. Thanks. Found another Borrelli 7-fold and added to the list. IC: a family member has a Canali jacket in navy, super 120's, a lot of hand works, NWOT, labeled size is 38R but may work for a 40R as well. If there are people interested, I will post the pics. He will only sell it if the price is right.
Added a pair of NIB Romano Martgani.
Labor day free shipping to CONUS on shirts and ties before midnight EST Sep. 7th. International buyers get corresponding discount on shipping.
Added more items and post the measurements of Vestimenta.
Quote: Originally Posted by ranker Love the suit, but if its a 36, why does it have an 18" shoulder, especially for something 'conservative'? Most 36's I know are 17" with occasional 17.5" shoulders. I think 18" shoulder is quite common for a size 36R, especially among not so slim cut brands.
$160 is a ridiculous price. Try your luck with eBay, I suggest. I lot of Europeans who don't know SF would be willing to pay more than that price in sterling pounds, much less speaking US dollars.
info on the ties updated.
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