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Added a couple of pairs of Mabitex pants and lower prices on some items.
that first pair looks real nice!
Another KW (S10) is sold shortly after I listed it. Added a cheap/free T. Pink linen shirt. Lowered prices on a couple of items.
Added a barely worn beautiful Zegna Couture shirt.
KW (S9) is sold. Thanks. Added another KW shirt, also in size 15, very slim. Also added a Gucci shirt.
How did people find these NWT Kiton's that they can let go for under $1000? And why cannot they ever be in my size?
nice suit at low price. wish it were in my size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hany Sell the buckles to Vass lol that is a good idea.
Added a couple of shirts, including a sought after Kent Wang x TaT, another Charvet tie, a couple of pairs of Incotex and Mabitex pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi those Martegani are fantastic. they shouldn't last long at that price either Recession must not be over yet, I guess. But I hope you will be proven right soon. S3, S4, S5, and S6 are sold. Thanks.
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