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Price drop on the pants.
There is something wrong when nobody claims a solid navy Isaia for $260. Wish I were in that size, I could use another solid navy suit.
You may want to check the setting of white balance on your camera. All the pics are greenish to me, making it hard to tell the true colors.
Measurements on the Canali posted.
added a sweet size 38 Canali jacket in navy, and prices lowered on some items.
added another incotex and lowered price on some items.
Quote: Originally Posted by bjan Measurements on S11? neck 15.5, shoulder 18, p-2-p 21, waist 19 1/4, sleeves 25.5. Please let me know if you have more questions.
Added a couple of pairs of Mabitex pants and lower prices on some items.
that first pair looks real nice!
Another KW (S10) is sold shortly after I listed it. Added a cheap/free T. Pink linen shirt. Lowered prices on a couple of items.
New Posts  All Forums: