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eBay is a place where you cannot expect too much of integrity. You win some, you loss some. Sellers get screwed more often than the buyers and occasionally buyers get a raw deal as in this case.
price cut
the auction description is VERY confusing. Looks like he didn't even bother editing a previous auction before he listed it. Kind of weird for a sale of this size.
S12 Zegna Couture was previously listed as size 17.5. Upon checking per a request, the neck size turned out to be about 17. Sorry for the error.
only few smaller sizes and they aren't slim, or did I miss something?
Added a LB main line jacket and lowered prices on many items.
Added a size 15.5 Brioni dress shirt and added a arm pit pic of the Canali.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaesarSTL It would've been sold about 12 hours before you saw it if it was... Why is 2-button so much preferred? I don't get it.
P2 sold. Added two pairs of Incotex's, beautiful heavy weight flannel, perfect for the fall/winter season.
I think 5, 6, 7, 8 are Mabitex, not incotex. Nice pants.
New Posts  All Forums: