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Send me a private message please. You may need at least two posts to send private messages, at least by the old rules.
Price Cut.
Maybe soon...
more price cut!
I see. So after the payment, one has to wait for a fraction of a day before the bump but the rest of the membership perks (highlight) goes effective right away. Thanks for the explanation.
Really nice condition and the price is great. If only they were my size...
A question about premium membership: why right after I made the payment, I still see my threads "bump in 15 hours"? I thought membership goes effective immediately.
I haven't made any change on my computer but at this moment, the B&S pages run smoothly for me with both adblock and non-script in firefox. When I had this problem earlier, I did try with adblock and non-script disabled while browsing SF but it made no difference. I thought that was a Java issue but after cleanning previous Java versions and installing the latest I still experienced the same problem.Thanks for looking into this.
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Firefox 6.0.1 with adblock Plus and non-script. Same problem with naked Chrome though.
Widths of ties added. They are of regular length.
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