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Quote: Originally Posted by jet No no otter is in a class all by himself. Sartre864 is in the class of styleless and poor butthurt plebes who have a kent-like reflexed keyboard finger having to get the last word in every time they post to offset their miniscule epeens. Some typically holiday after their first term as noobs only to come back after a brief hiatus which nobody notices until their return as self-appointed and strong-versed style maven...
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you Pleb noob KO Unfortunately, no amount of gaudy Lanvin sneakers or $500 sweaters will fix your pathetically awkward physique or patently unappealing facial features. Alternatively, I suggest you invest in some dumbbells and a few rounds of plastic surgery.
Pretty much everyone posting WAYWT pictures, with the exception of JKISSI, Eason and the other white guy living in an Asian country, either looks like shit for one reason or another or is simply trying way too hard... but this should come as no surprise to anyone here.
Those chinos look great on you, Mauro; glad to see you had a field day at the J.Crew outlet!
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero This SEC/Big 12/Big 10 shit is so retarded. The only people that boast about conference accomplishments in a situation that was clearly Alabama's accomplishment are people whose teams suck which forces them to live vicariously through the success of others. Let me guess: Arkansas fan? Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero -Miami and Tennessee will be trendy picks that fall...
1) That was a fantastic rendition of "Rammer Jammer." 2)
Just go with brown and call it a day.
Though it's obviously contingent upon what else you're wearing, you can wear any color you'd like with white sneakers. But I'd probably shy away from a white belt since matching sneakers to a belt would look strange.
Your cardigan is buttoned strangely and I think that those boots look rather clunky with such skinny jeans. Other than that, not bad!
Quote: Originally Posted by connor is my face less punchable in this one I'm not a fan of your style by any means, but you are no more unattractive than approximately 95% of the posters in this thread.
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