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the neighbor has a fire detector thats low on battery and I can hear the warning beep ALL THE WAY FROM THEIR HOUSE ACROSS OUR YARDS AND INTO MY BEDROOM... while I'm trying to sleep.
I started that! Edmorel actually did the most "I'm FROM NEW YAWK" thing ever and started shitting on any other city other than new york - missing the point that I wasn't shitting on New York city, but the Knicks as an organization not deserving of their "rich history" because come on, they only have two championships and the last one was in 1973. But NYC does/has produced a lot of NBA /hoops talent regardless.
its a weird misnomer. there has been traditionally a ton of NBA talent that has come out of the NYC metropolitan area, but that doesn't mean the Knicks or Nets are really part of the "mecca" equation other than Madison Square Garden being in NYC.its also kind of funny how there are probably more notable historic nba moments involving opposing team/players at MSG than actual knick players.
the West MVP should be Carmelo Anthony's bricks.
^you're thiiiiissss close into turning into that ex-pat who will stand in that breakfast line with a full suit on in the morning even it its 90F outside already....its a vietnamese breakfast/dessert too, they fry dough and spread condensed milk on it. its delicious but still can be ridiculously sweet and really weird after already eating a huge bowl of Pho.
mexicans and all asians have some sort of rice based breakfast staple. i guess its weird to eat mexican or asian food in LA?seriously though, adding a cup of rice to normal bacon and eggs weirdly works. while in hawaii you should have fried spam eggs and rice for breakfast!I remember being just outside of San Francisco playing poker at Lucky Chances at 1am and there was this huge group of frat bros (all white and some black) and they have this diner in the casino and...
"Since it opened in 1914, there have been over 600 incidents at the [Skydome/Rodgers Center] stadium hotel of couples having sex in plain view of thousands of fans, as well as 17 incidents of men being thrown out for masturbating at the window. The Jays have a record of 362-289 when hotel guests are caught naked or having sex."The C-Roll Stash, Part 1: Sex Above The SkyDome (NSFW)
ever see old early 90's footage of Hubie brown? it looks like he hasn't aged....granted he looked like he was 75years old back in the early 90's but still....
it all came down to the last play. The 'hawks were pressured by the time almost running out so they ran this stupid pass play, Butler recognized the pick play and laid back a little then jumped the passing route and intercepted the ball. Boston wins the Super Bowl over.
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