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^this is a good idea... I might just end up buying extras... just in case...
I was flipping through the channels late last night and happened upon the YES post game interview with Joe Girardi.
she'll be back this Saturday from a work thing in London then Paris. I was thinking of just buying a new one and seeing if she wouldn't notice, its just a simple white gold thin band, but she called me the other day and the first thing I blurted out is how I stupidly lost my ring I almost pulled an even stupider move and asking for help finding it on the local disc golf group's Facebook page... before telling her.
So it looks like I did lose my wedding ring... [[SPOILER]]
I can't find my wedding ring anywhere.
I could enjoy a 90min head/face/scalp massage.
^whenever I'm at one of those hotels with the self serve waffle makers I take my sweet assed time and go extra long with the waffle making process in order to achieve my desired level of "very crispiness" on the outside. That extra couple minutes of persistence (despite the warning beeps) make all the difference.
Now and Laters are a sweet and delicious candy version of Fixodent. [[SPOILER]]
there was a seller 4 years back out of LA who tried to sell off these Thome Browne suits on eBay but didn't know what he was doing and didn't put a reserve price on it and 3 of them sold for under $400 (i was one of the guys who thought I made I huge eBay score!). Of course he never ended up shipping them out and naturally he got shitty feedbacks. He then tried to repost the suits claiming that he did put a reserve on them on the item description (he clearly didn't) and...
the little token table/fixed chairs for two people in the 5-10x foot floor space they sometimes have inside a Little Caesars always makes me happy...
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