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the weird part is that having lebron pretty much guarantees finals appearance as well as finals heartache.
it's all Lebrons fault anyway. he engineered the kevin love trade, blatt firing, Tristan overpay most front office moves. it'll be hilarious when he forces a Carmelo and/or chris Paul trade and that teams liabilities end up exposes as well. that being said, I want Lebron to win at least 4 maybe 5 chips. he's been the best player for the last decade, and his game is awesome, it's just he gets in his own way like a female romantic comedy character yearning for love. yup...
there was that 3rd quarter where the Cavs were trading big buckets against the Warriors. Kevin Love was getting rebounds and scoring. Then they played Tristan and Love and it actually worked for little bit! That was super exciting!
I remember having a garage on Richardson St (Williamsburg half block away from my apt) thinking I was *king of the world. Then walking up to the garage only to see someone blatantly parked in front of it. I'd often think about that morning cluster fuck at the bedford ave L train station... then just open my garage take out my bike and ride the 1hr 20min to UWS for work instead. Some motherfuckers would be bold and park one car on the street blocking my garage door,...
All i noticed was Kobe's secretary.
I'm a habitual ect line stepper.
I helped my elderly neighbor down the street plant some tree seedlings. I brought a weed whacker to clear out the area for planting and immediately get some poison ivy fragments projectile towards my face..... then I feel the hot stingy exquisite itchy bites of chiggers. lots of fucking chigger bites. oh gawd chigger bites are even more itchy than the poison ivy rash on my face.
my iPhone has charging issues. so I go the the applestore and buy a new one. the workers are surprised about the two they have in stock (new release I guess). I'm happy that the new iPhone6 SE is exactly the same size/shape/feel as my old iPhone5. I know I'm getting old because a broken cellphone is annoying but I was more annoyed about having to deal with the new size, new cases, new feel, ect. of a new phone. So I get this new IPhone 6 SE, put it in my old phone's...
Lue seems to be more of a player's coach. Blatt was probably really hard on his players.
The Akron Beacon Journal's Jason Lloyd reports: Funny postgame moment: As James was leaving the locker room, Blatt -- wearing only a towel -- swung open the door to his office and called James over to him. "C’mon Coach," James said. "I can’t talk to you like this." He did, though. James obliged and after the two briefly chatted, James turned and walked toward Tristan Thompson. "That man was naked," James said. "Players walk around locker rooms in towels all the time,"...
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