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^shouldn't count. because he's got a history of doctoring the ball. hell there's video proof of him doing it! They should vacate that win over the orioles.
wrong logic, there's no precedent for vacating wins with tampering with PSI of game balls, hell there was no precedent to even suspend players and or dock draft picks when teams have been caught:NFL aware of game ball incident during Panthers-Vikingsalso remember when Ray Rice was caught punching his wife out cold? his initial penalty was 2 games! using footballs deflated a couple PSI is twice as worse.also aaron rodgers likes his footballs inflated often 4 psi over...
I still haven't cleaned it up:
Pats will be fine. Maybe they don't win the superbowl next year, but they'll get like 10 to 12 wins make the playoffs and maybe go deep into it per usual.
Driving home from the park on this beautiful day, the windows wide open and wind flowing. The wife started to have a hissy fit about something inane.. then a huge bird poop flew down through the window and hit her right in her shoulder and lap.
"we have concluded that, in connection with the AFC Championship Game, it is more probable than not that New England Patriots personnel participated in violations of the Playing Rules and were involved in a deliberate effort to circumvent the rules," "I'm so compuzed!"
"I'm so compuzed!"
my FB friends love to post workout pics at the gym. apparently Planet Fitness in the Bronx has free unlimited pizza days. I don't get why. Well I do get it, but then again I don't get it.
I'm so dark in complexion (lots of sun this winter onward) that I will wear my mexico national team futbol jersey and confuse the fuck out of everyone who tries to speak spanish to me.
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