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they changed the offense to get Kevin Love out of the paint by that point. remember he'd just stand meekly at the corner and chuck up threes? before that he tried asking for the ball down low but be in the way when lebron would do his typical barrel into the paint move.
oh please.... the elephant in the Cavs room is that Tristen Thompson is a better fit (because spacing, defense AND rebounds) than Love. Hell the Cavs maybe better off trading both Kyrie and Love (sign and trade) and load up on defensive role players... they should even make a run at draymon green!
the real MVP is the Golden State front office for: firing Mark Jackson, not trading Klay for Love, and waiting patiently for Steve Kerr and pouncing. also LOL at the Knicks wow did Steve Kerr ever dodge a bullet with that one.
you know how Melisandre will reanimate Jon Snow right? She's going to necrophilia him back to life!
art imitates life sometimes:
its the middle of the summer with 90% humidity and 90F heat and I get a huge static shock from my door knob.isn't that ionic? don't you think?
did you bring your dog to the dog run then do some ghetto workouts at Maria Hernandez park? [[SPOILER]]
I cant wait to see what the other Stark Kid's deaths/abuses will be like. I bet the paraplegic kid is magically healed and can walk... then later in the episode a bolton/stark/ect cuts his legs off. its turned into a medieval Final Destination series!
they do have major things like the Iron Man and Running Races there. Its very popular for cyclists/triathletes/runners to rent houses and do huge group trips there even just to train/vacation.
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