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i think Gardener might have the Jacoby Ellsbury disease of "play near MVP caliber during meaningless non playoff season". Jacoby is having his typical ""play near MVP caliber during meaningless non playoff season" as well.
those inane long drawn out "why I bought a subaru" radio ads piss me off.
i did the thing where you switch out your cd/dvd rom drive for an extra hard drive on my macbook pro waaay back in 2010. now that drive disappeared from view and might need replacing. all my files are automatically backed up and new hard drives are cheap, but I'm pissed off about all the time this will need to install a new HD (because I have to open up the whole computer since its located in the former optical drive bay), and hours to transfer files/recover something...
the thing is... we pretty much know that those huge cities have been built on slave labor... but when 2022 rolls along I won't be able to help myself and go bandwagon soccer fan anyway.
i watched that HBO sports feature where they showed the atrocities of worker conditions in Qatar, and how its basically slave labor just to build the ridiculous 50,000 seat stadiums in the middle of the desert. kind of shook my faith in humanity. they go to impoverished populations and then keep the workers in un air-conditioned dorms 9 to small room with non working bathrooms with no bathing facilities and work them literally to death. kitchens are cockroach infested,...
did you read the zach lowe piece where he covers team revenues? OKC makes made near $30,000,000.00 net last season.championships are nice and all, but like Edmorel probably appreciates, OKC owners probably just care even more about the cold hard cash they're making probably on a sweetheart tax free lease, publicly funded stadium, and non luxury tax budget in a small market.the fans are still happy there's even a team there that has two super duper stars and is in...
^stephen a smith was a ticking time bomb anyway. his bi-polar outrage cycle was bound to catch up with him when the wrong topic would finally trip him up.
my dog got attacked by another dog (boxer) today. it wasn't actually that bad of an altercation. the owner of the boxer ran in wrestled his dog away then proceeded to whip whim with the leash yelling "BAD BOY, BAAD BOOY!" then yelled at me "WHAT YOU WERE JUST GOING TO LEAVE THEM, AND DO NOTHING?!" He was a pretty big guy, about 6'4" and built like a NFL Wide receiver and was quivering and all high pitched when he yelled that. I was just quiet and checked my dog to see...
to remember who killed my wife:
sold. Thank you. Mods please close this thread.
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