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again again again..." the #1 cause of hotel employee rape is sexy hotel workers." - Kobe Bryant" the #1 cause of hotel employee rape is sexy hotel workers." - Kobe Bryant^ STILL WORKS!
I wonder if Bill Cosby ever gave any of the Laker Girls a tainted puddin pop?
nah the Dwight, Kobe, Nash laker's resulting season was an example of poetic justice!but you're correct I was using irony to be sarcastic. ^are you trying to be ironically sarcastic? because if you're trying to be funny and actually end up being funny I'd have to admit that would be ironic.
so you trying point out that the line of argument is hypocritical ? even if its amusing, to you... then it still is no where near the actual definition of irony.something ironic would be jokingly stating something like: "James Dolan is so fucking cheap with his recent salary cap management! "or "Donald Sterling is definitely the greatest humanitarian the NBA has ever had as an owner!"maybe the easiest statement using the actual definition of irony would be to stand...
how is that irony? did you get your definition of irony from Alanis Morissette?
as a power bottom myself sloppy variant or not, its wicked hard on the abs either way.
its hard being a power bottom.
you haven't tried rollers yet? do it! simple parabolic rollers from nashbar sometimes dip into the $100 range during their winter sales. I have the small diameter aluminum drum ones form them and they're still going strong from 2011. I eventually even made my own free motion frame for them too. You can prop the rollers up against the wall so quick and its like the same size as a ironing board.I was really close to buying the e-motion rollers (they sometimes pop up on...
yeah identifying with anyone one on that show publicly is basically shitting on yourself. its meta level "gotcha!" performance art by Lena Dunham. You know her mom and their art world friends are so proud of that.you can sometimes see the actresses on that show smirk when they are being especially annoying... its like they know someone is identifying with that shitty character and they are trying not to laugh out of guilt.
screw it, I'm going to join in!whats the kelly blue book price for a 2014 Audi S6 Avant here in the US?
New Posts  All Forums: