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Okc vs oak is one of those paquaio vs maywather level hype series, that'll end up being just that, ending 4-1 with WB KD and co frustrated and dejected.
Since John Snow is likely of Targaryan blood and into redheads, does he eventually boan Sansa?
It's going to be heartbreaking whomever loses the Spurs okc series. Spurs squander one of the best reg seasons ever and maybe have some icons retire, and okc might be last time we see WB and KD together and okc as a relevant franchise.
I used to hate mowing my lawn as a kid. I still hated it even when working in landscaping as a teen. I never cut my own grass in CT (left that plebe work to the landscapers I hired!), but finally have come around and love mowing my lawn here in Nashville. I think what bothered me a lot was the noise and vibration (even with riding mowers...my hands are valuable yo!), but I bought an electric mower and its quiet, powerful, and the battery lasts long enough to cut a half...
A lady bug landed on my arm while I was cutting my grass, it was really cute, but then the FUCKING LADY BUG BIT THE SHIT OUT OF ME... i was unaware that ladybugs can bite.
my wife brought home churros from an office party... thought it was a going to be good sign for the spurs....
I had a little moonshine purchasing adventure recently: [[SPOILER]]
I bet I could use Moononine to clean off the extra paint.
local art purchase:
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