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the conspiracy theorist in me likes to think that the retiring of David Stern and take over of the SILVER HAMMER coincides with the Spurs practically sweeping the Heat (all wins by blowout no less).in david stern times - I'd expect there to be 1000x more drama and bad calls and at least a game 6.I do know that Silver wants to turn the NBA into a NFL model where playoff results/match-ups don't really matter (even the Super Bowl can be a matchup between small market teams...
is this pertinent for you right now?I think I hate San Francisco. - Lefty
my family basically lived on the new england waterfront for most of our lives, we sucked it up and didn't have air conditioning. I remember the nights where sometimes it would be high 80's or 90's with no breeze and if you opened the windows totally open (screen included) the saltwater mosquitos would swarm in and eat you alive at night. (the worst part is that you only need 1 or 2 pesky motherfucking mosquitos to ruin sleep). but if you're land locked or in the city? ...
I'm happy because the Onion exists: Sonny Corleone Would Still Be Alive Today If He Had E-ZPass
in my experience (with super feminist lesbians), if you treat them like dudes (I talk to them like how I'd talk to Hulk Hogan) they end up being nice.
its going to be one of those day where I'm sweating within 2min of closing my front door.
the reason why soccer isn't more popular/successful in north america? because it doesn't contain the best leagues with the best players. its that simple.the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA all have the majority of the very best American Football, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball players in the world. Its just better to watch on tv and pay tickets to see the highest level of play.Futbol's highest level of players (the majority) and teams play in leagues in Europe. So Americans...
nothing compares to making money than owning an NFL franchise. its one of the few very successful models of socialized models of revenue sharing so much so that europeans want in and try to buy NFL franchises too.
even higher now probably. I was there last november.There was one cab driver that I talked to back then that said: "I will only take $200 for any trip when the world cup and olympics happens!"
I got pick pocketed in a Rio bus they didn't steal anything - we had to take the bus, because the wife and I spent all our last cash at the Hippie Fare in Ipanema, but damn they managed to open my pacsafe bag (every damn zipper and flap) in less than 15 seconds.rio was awesome, but most of the time was disappointed about how much dinners cost there. Porcao? I spent over $300 just for my wife and I and we didn't even drink. Pizza that was meh? $60!I did have some epic...
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