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I played at a pretty big amateur disc golf tourney. It was a long assed hard professional level course that I've never played before. Playing totally blind on both rounds (since they switch up many holes/tees on course on the 2nd round of play) I'm happy I still got 2nd place.
I love how the Dornish people are portrayed as moderate/progressive Muslims. Or maybe Christian Armenians.
I sometimes wonder where's David Lee? look for him on the bench then see he's wearing a suit and think "oh David Lee's injured...oh wait that's Luke Walton"...# caucasians
man I have a feeling the Warriors are going to blow out the Cavs in every game from here on out. who are the cavs going to rely on as their second scorer? then again if lebron turns into a 6'8" CP3 or 2011 Dirk and the cavs finally start playing like a team that plays to their offensive strengths and pulls this shit off I'll kneel before the true king.
a sociopath would fart loudly and not care. I still feel guilt for doing a sinful act, but still enjoy it. somewhat like masturbating.
silently farting in a full elevator is a thing of beauty. maybe farting in an empty elevator as you reach ground floor (where many people await to board the hotbox) is equally as satisfying.
I don't get childless adult couples who go to disneyland.
my older brother and I moved to SoCal for two years when we were young, we did what filipino-chinese teen and little kid with thick assed Rhode Island accents in SoCal would normally do (and what people from boston now do) we double downed on our accents.the weirdest thing is the hartford line here in CT, you get to hartford and that damn regional accent just kicks in. its like staten island/long island/nj with NYC, once you cross the damn water its full on regional accents.
New Posts  All Forums: