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reality check, the AFC consists of teams QB'ed by the likes of Geno Smith, Orton, and the dolphins... I have a feeling the pats will be fine and still make the playoffs. they won't be world beaters or anything, but the AFC east is LOLz when it comes to actual division winner hopefuls.
i tried to buy a surprise gift for the wife and accidentally used our mutual credit card instead of my personal one and she starts texting/pestering/asking me what I bought from local jewelry store. I almost just want to return it because she's being so annoying.
I did buy a huge poster of a Lamborghini Countach in the mall right after. Remember those poster and frame stores in every mall though out the 80-90s?
when I was about 7 (living in Southern California late 80's) I saw a dark lamborghini Countach drive up to the valet parking at a mall. driver side caterpillar door opens and out pops Rod Stewart with huge hair and he walks over to passenger side opens up other caterpillar door, a 6foot hot redhead steps out (almost a foot taller than Stewart) and walk right into the mall. it was the most "80's LA" experience I think anyone could ever have.
the spoiler feature is the SF version of false humility , which was invented by the Chinese 10,000 years ago (probably some grand mother from the Ying Dynasty was complaining about how her emperor grand son only has conquered half of south asia but not the whole of south east asia while playing mahjong with other boastful grandmothers. [[SPOILER]]
another thing pissing me off?My wife brought home from paris a bunch of chocolates [from the same company] and this: [[SPOILER]]
I thought I made this cool assed new lesbian friend (we even made a play date for our dogs) but when I showed up she brought her boyfriend. [[SPOILER]]
not true!
I don't want to post anymore about the subject... [[SPOILER]]
I'm all for equality for leaked nudes.
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