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I have a feeling the best salaried jobs are ex-pats working in a NGO located in 3rd world countries. I have a couple friends who work at Asian Development Bank in Manila and another in Malaysia and they pull in 6 figure salaries (which isn't super high), but literally everything else is paid for, a large mansion in super exclusive gated village (including paid maids/help/driver), company SUVs + free gas, tuition for children at prestigious international schools and they...
Dragic might be looking greedy for including the lakers or Knicks but it's perfect timing even if he gets a max because 2016 will have that near $90 million cap anyway. it looks like 2016 could be another lockout year so it's another way to hedge his value...any past contact will probably have to be honored so he can relax a but throughout the lockout. He's probably not worth max money in 2015 $68 million cap calculations but will be a value in a 2016 $90 million cap
I recently bought gaiters. A lot of my friends had them and I thought they looked like fucking idiots using them but I succumbed to peer pressure and bought some gaiters aptly named Crocodile Gaiters. They are wonderful and make snow activities much more enjoyable/bearable, I wish I had succumbed to peer pressure sooner.
do you have a fucking problem with my wife being asian?
its a State of Connecticut Summons for Jury Service. Yeah I see you can postpone your appearance on the letter, now I have to figure out when though. Ugh...
just got jury duty notice in the mail for early April right in the middle of a planned road trip with my old college buddies. this fucking blows.
man those were the days. plus my car is diesel so I didn't have to line up for gas during that gas shortage/crisis. I remember the Hess on Metropolitan had lines that reached into Greenpoint and I pulled up and filled the car and dudes were cursing at me while the Police officers yelling at them to calm down because I wasn't cutting the gas lines.
^I'd totally offer you a ride to the L train back in the day. remember after Hurricane Sandy when there were no trains and you had to have at least 4 people in a car to go across Williamsburg Bridge? I did that drive like 5 times with random people who waived me down. I thought to myself damn these fuckers are bold and just waiving me down, but once they got on others came out of the woodwork running towards the car like it was a scene out of a Deep...
I walked to the metro north station early this morning, but on my way I saw a random guy on riding an ATV and he stopped and asked: "are you going to the Metro North Station? Do you want a ride?". For a second I thought - "hell yeah! thanks!" but remembered its just a fucking 10-12min walk even in the snow, and plus it was probably a random neighbor dude but you never know..... so I "no thank you"-ed him and just walked.
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