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I'm mexi-asian and don't have a rice cooker. I do it old school and just boil it in a pot - takes 15-20min. Rice cookers are a bitch to clean and are surprisingly messy. Boiling rice in a non stick sauce pan is super neat/easy clean up. I did have Korean friends that pressure cooked rice though, you can get a large batch of Jasmine rice done in 2min with a pressure cooker, brown rice is 5-10min. Pressure cooking rice is a great idea when you have a larger family.
I bought this armoire, it sort of makes me happy. I don't know where really to put it or to put in it, but I bought it anyway.
I don't know where the fuck to put this, but I bought it anyway.
^ this is why we had a car for 4 years in Brooklyn. granted we were fortunate to have a super cheap garage ($160/month), but once you figure out the traffic patterns and where to park in Manhattan things are surprisingly smooth (except for the impromptu UN delegate or parade).I loved the people watching aspect of the L-Train, and missed it a lot when I started driving and/or riding my bike to work (Williamsburg to midtown or UWS), but once I realized that whole train can...
sounds like a thing they'd do in chicago. maybe they can buy mini lawn chairs to put inside the dryer to stake claim.
My wife and I have been looking for some art to put in the new house. We went to a couple places here in Nashville and the wife had some sticker shock at the prices. We were looking for something big 48" x 60", and I saw something that I liked and my wife was like: "$800 for that? We could paint that!" I inform her that a 4' x 5' foot canvas is $100 +, paint can be in the $150-400 range, and easel can be anywhere from $200 to $1,500, and then you have brushes...
Fuck yeah FCC rules you can get cable through roku/appleTV/ect. This sounds good, but will still have me angry at Comcast/time Warner somehow.
yeah I was yapping to my wife about this amazing poboy place and we walked up to the place at 3pm and they ran out!when I read their hours of operation (11am-4pm) I was shocked because normally I would've just gone there after 5pm.also this is how I felt when I pulled into Chick Fil-A on a Sunday.
the washington DC area probably has some of the best ethnic food in the country (asian, african, ect) on top of great seafood but something about the northeast and subpar mexican food.in Fairfield County CT we had some legit mexican food trucks, and even a great little restaurant, but then that place got a positive NY Times review and before you know it the tiny parking lot is filled with Range Rovers and zip cars from the city with people looking for good Mexican food.
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