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i'm getting to that stage in life where my once wild assed party friends are posting "which minivan?!" questions on facebook. They chose the Quest over the Sienna
only because the three pointers weren't going in!
eeeeeeewww.... hater. I don't mind them [warrors], winning another chip because they're doing it playing beautiful basketball just like the spurs have played since 2013. It was a huge bummer when those 2001 Kings and 2004-2010 Suns never got to the finals playing similarly, but then the 2013-present spurs did (hell even won a championship) and now the Warriors are bringing that open, team oriented, free flowing pretty offense to the limelight.I know the 90's Bulls are the...
see how sam bowie and simmons look like each other
I want celtics to draft Kris Dunn (local kid from CT and went to Providence) with that third pick. legit 6'4" with a 6'9" wingspan, nba ready game/body/head, and has dwayne wade-ish potential. the top two picks (simmons and ingram) look awesome, but also have very bust like potential.
Kobe going to pull a Bret Farve, waffle and COME BACK!
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