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Y'all acting like Betty draper Francis when her son traded her sandwich for a bag of candy.
I read this post [ignorant to previous posts] assuming you meant Selma Hayek and that pissed me off.Also Selma Blair was like near 30yo when she played a freaking incoming high school freshman in 1999 movie Cruel Intentions.
I just lent a sizable amount of money to my sister. [[SPOILER]]
Both whetted their schlongs inside the astronaut.
^i think Mad Men is the best Soap Opera ever. I don't even mean that in a pejorative way either.I really love the characters in lieu of the plot lines and will be sad to not know what really happens to those characters, because maybe Pete and Wife really do make it in Wichita, but we won't really know (lets face it Pete may just as well end up being a slimy cheating bastard there too), maybe Peggy ends up as the CEO of McCan, maybe maybe maybe. Just like watching a soap...
yup. initially ray rice was suspended 2 games. then the media got hold of the videotape all hell broke loose and the commissioner then changed his initial stance to pander to the public perception and suspended him indefinitely.the facts? ray rice ended up with people defending him because of the flip flopping by the commissioner taking away his livelihood in a unethical manner. rice actually has a legit case using the players union. its sad that that wife beater...
handing down discipline thats proportional to the incident by the same commissioner is not related? come on now.this is the same commissioner who suspended a coach a whole year because of suspect evidence, bounty gate, then gives ray rice 2 games because he admitted to knocking his wife unconscious, and now this. Trust me the commissioner is on cloud nine right now that this is the top story.
now you're off your rocker. whats more timeless than the "WE STOLE THE OPPOSING TEAM's PLAYBOOK!" troupe in american football.also Jerry Rice basically used absurd amounts of stickum on his already tacky assed receiver's gloves his whole career. using your logic Joe Montana career should be looked at as tainted. Those were some magical sticky hands he constantly passed to!
New Posts  All Forums: