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by the end of the weekend of eating like this I can feel headaches and my left foot start to tingle. I know southern food gets a bad rep for being unhealthy (because of fat + sugar + salt ) in what seems like every meal, but there is a lot of healthy normal southern food (lots of vegetable dishes and lean meat dishes). I've been enjoying the healthy southern food as late and want to learn how to cook it, but sometimes you want bacon fat waffles and fried chicken + sweet...
I know salt bagels. I like salt bagels. The ones I've had have rock salt like a salted pretzel. This one was dipped in fucking regular table salt.
there are some fun casinos in Northern California (I think it was Cache Creek) that have a "all in - busted Aces" payout. I remember it was something pretty nice like $100 if you lose going all in with rockets.I even did it once as insurance before the river (one guy was on a flush draw but it was a smaller side pot) everyone was laughing because they new I had aces. I kind of had to because I was pot committed (for around $700) and was splitting the majority of it...
it amused me that buffets here in the states it's - All You Can Eat! but in the Philippines buffets are often labeled: EAT ALL YOU CAN !
Was in morning meeting and they had a plate of bagels out. Only two left, and I was curious because it had sugar on it like a sugar donut. I spread some cream cheese on it and.... [[SPOILER]]
Comcast still is charging me, and calling me to pay for my cable/internet even though I cancelled my account and moved away a month ago. Bitch called me and was shaking me down for Jan and Feb payments, I was like, "bitch check your records" she did and it ended up where they fucking owed me a refund of $20
my wife texted me about the free burrito from Chipotle. i think I still have an iron stomach, so I texted and will eat that motherfucking free burrito happily.
I have a friend who just got married, who for most of his life was gay. But he's Christian and being gay + christian was always a conflict. Eventually he announced he had a girlfriend and the close knit group of friends were confused as hell when we would meet with him and his new girlfriend and new "masculine" ways.it was like watching a Tom Cruise movie/skit, where he was projecting/acting out all the bullet points on masculine/bro stereotypes. it was strangely off...
two things: there's an exit on I65 (Nashville) where cars will go into single file toward the exit... ON THE FUCKING EMERGENCY LANE I guess its to allow traffic to flow, but the line can reach a mile long and people still start slowing the fuck down and merging into the emergency lane miles away. what the fuck? what if there's an actual emergency and a police car/ambulance/firetruck needs to get through that exit?! also I think I made a mistake in getting roombas. ...
^those are great for retro builds (7 and 8 speed). The one thing people forget is to switch up the handlebars to modern (STI friendly shorter/level reach) bars.when you add sti/brifters to old school bars the reach/position can be awkward.
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