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chicago's flexibility is actually great: http://hoopshype.com/salaries/chicago.htmalthough Rose is still on the books for two more years, Noah is expiring next year, and Gasol (who took less money than the Lakers offered him) is a expiring next year with a player option in 2015/2016 at a super duper cheap (for a center who still is productive) $7.7 million.if carmelo would've signed with the bulls - basically only rose and carmelo would've been on the books in 2015. from...
AR-BY is a phonic play on R-B which is short for Roast Beef.
why does pistachio ice-cream need pistachio nuts AND pistachio flavored ice-cream to put the nuts in it?
I was going to mention a whole self hate post about able bodied older Filipinos abusing the airport wheelchairs and golf carts. also when we're in large groups of friends and family we can run roughshod like a loud swarm of locusts through anything. the weird part is when traveling individually or small groups we turn into ideal travelers
in memorandum of Robin Williams:Anal Fissure Kingedit: damn i missed the jokehere's my second try:a pod of anai
What could be more "old assed man" than a bonsai tree hobby?
I saw a Blood Moon the other day. I was with my dogs at the dog park at it was about 8:30 and already dark out and the moon looked like a blood orange. it was creepy and cool.
I used to watch the twilight zone marathons when I was little (I was younger than 10), they gave me nightmares. I had friends who were barred from watching Dr. Who because they got extreme night terrors from that show (the old 1970's-80's version). with the advent of the internet it turns out that Dr. Who (the old version) did that to a lot of kids back in the day.
I was on semester break during med school and on vacation at a beach resort in the philippines when my wife had the bright idea to watch the local cable channel's weird promo of showing all 24 episodes for 24 straight hours I tried watching (the first season was actually awesome) but gave up after 4 straight episodes to do beach resort things like drink, swim, and eat buffet food, but my wife braved it out and pretty much watched 24 straight hours of TV.^in the early...
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