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ughhhh... my wife just informed me that the car's door was dented/scratched badly from the high winds blowing random junk (an empty old large metal coffee maker) my neighbor had laying on the side of his house.
this one is a little old but still, makes you think about how living in NYC sucks because large apartment buildings and being at the mercy (or grace) of your neighbors when it comes to fires:
this is what a real death defying escape from fire sequence looks like: ^also it really makes me assess what I could and could not do physically/mentally (and newly acquired fear of heights) in this situation to escape.
the article is great... but the best part is the comments.
it was because of david chang...then again david chang is hawking audis these days:seriously though? i think it was because of this brutal winter... ramen (or any good soup and noodle dish) is a perfect winter meal.Also even slightly above average ramen is so very good and its so very very hard to find in Manhattan, so the confluence of David Chang fanboys + cold assed unrelenting winter = people who want ramen.
If I was only Sepharadic Jewish I would totally qualify to be a Spanish citizen! Sephardic Jews eager to apply for Spanish citizenship http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/religion/sephardic-jews-eager-to-apply-for-spanish-citizenship/2014/02/17/e56978dc-9810-11e3-ae45-458927ccedb6_story.html http://www.sandiegored.com/noticias/50512/New-Spanish-Law-Offers-Citizenship-For-Those-With-These-Last-Names/pagina-2/
I think the most underrated way to get a full college scholarship (and weirdly awesome college life) is to be a band geek.*** Sunny Lane:"Sunny Lane's parents, Shelby and Mike, worked in air-freight.[4] In her youth she was a competitive roller skater and ice skater,[5] and later worked as an instructor teaching[6] yoga and pilates.[7]She trained as an ice dancer under James Millns and was in preparations for the Olympic trials when she required bunion surgery.[8] Unable...
that was a very very weird time as a NYC'er...I remember:- almost getting into a fist fight at the gas station (the HESS on metropolitan because everyone thought I cut the miles long line) but my car was a diesel (yehey no lines!) and two NYPD officers intervened and ended up test driving my car and becoming fellow VW diesel car buddies later that week.- loading up my car with 5 other random people on the street to go across the williamsburg bridge (when you had to have at...
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