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there was a seller 4 years back out of LA who tried to sell off these Thome Browne suits on eBay but didn't know what he was doing and didn't put a reserve price on it and 3 of them sold for under $400 (i was one of the guys who thought I made I huge eBay score!). Of course he never ended up shipping them out and naturally he got shitty feedbacks. He then tried to repost the suits claiming that he did put a reserve on them on the item description (he clearly didn't) and...
the little token table/fixed chairs for two people in the 5-10x foot floor space they sometimes have inside a Little Caesars always makes me happy...
CT is weirdly underrated for Pizza. Another weird thing is having a shake shack thats 10min away that never has any lines, an alden shoe outlet 5min away, and a Uniqlo that is 10min away that is fully stocked with no people in it too.I miss the city, and it was kind of fun to communally waste time standing in line for pizza/burgers/trendy food, or braving the hoards at the Uniqlo store in SoHo but not having to has put things into perspective.Things that are making me...
I'm seriously considering paying this fucking parking ticket with pennies.
Khalil Greene [[SPOILER]]
I was quickly checking out the US open men's semifinals on TV with three millennial aged people. They kept on panning towards Nishikori's coach, and then Djokovic's coach and the one of the millenials asked out loud: "why do they keep showing those two guys, who is Michael Chang and Boris Becker?"
true fact verlander's ass is more shapely then Uptons - you know which pic i'm talking about . (baseball players do tend to have hard bubble butts)
its humid swamp ass weather before 8am.
last monday night my wife was like: "did you hear about all the nude celebrity pics that were released?" I tried to be cool and asked: "hmm, who's in it?" She then asked: I'm curious is 600mb a lot to download? will it take long? I'm going to click on the link and download the whole zip file" we looked over the pics together.20min later the whole reddit page (with pic links and download links) was taken down.
The redsox are projected to be awesome next year which makes me fear that other teams will follow the suck this year/awesome next year yo yo diet
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