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during the nba allstar game podcasts Bosh seemed the most transparent and honest about difficult subjects like the 2011 and 2014 finals loses and even his diminished role as a 3rd option in Miami.
the last thing thats pissing me off today... i'm getting sick of winter... it wasn't that cold today, but it was around 15F and windy. I also slipped and fell pretty hard yesterday. I stepped on an icy patch that had a dusting of snow camouflage on top of it. One of those things were I was in the woods with the dogs and walking down a small hill and felt the slip and instantly was looking up at the sky through the trees. It was the first time in years I had the wind...
anything Kimpton Group when it comes to hotels. There's not extra charge and they have things like bowls/dog beds/food/pet sitting services all set up.
it was basically musical chairs today with point guards. MCW on the bucks though... looks like a great deal that may actually not be a great deal... I don't know I'm confused.
in fairness orphanages don't have deadlines where afterwards they put the unadopted kids into... oh man I'm not going to finish this thought...also boogie boards can give you bloody nipples if you don't wear one of those surfing shirts.I get angry with my wife when I see her browsing those Kill lists for dogs at shelters on Facebook. for a solid year she'd look over those pictures/feeds right before bed. I love my wife but she's the type to constantly put pictures of our...
man what would happen if OKC still doesn't make the playoffs? would they be forced to trade Kevin Durant? I kind of almost want to see OKC not make the playoffs and see who gets traded Kevin durant or Westbrook. the suns might not survive the trades, but who knows, it might be double EWING THEORY and they actually hold on to that last playoff spot for dear life because they play harder after losing both thomas and dragic. the sort of easier fix would be to fire Scott...
Kendrick Perkins is only 30.
the isiah thomas for rondo trades have been rumored since 2011...in a roundabout way it looks like it finally happened!
95% of the people that buy them are ill equipped to deal with them. OH GOD WHY DO NYC'ers WHO LIVE IN TINY APARTMENTS WITH PARKS RESTRICTED OFF LEASH HOURS LOVE THIS DOG BREED?!Also the one's I've seen have the combined energy of a large poodle and labrador and 50% of the coordination of a large poodle so they're usually 60-80lbs of pure athletic mass running 25mph into people/other dogs/objects. I'm pretty sure you can train them to be super obedient but going back to...
they worked on the "this old house" house for like 30 years right?
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