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^its ok, Steph Curry will show loyalty and will take less money so they can resign KD, just like Wade did for the Heats OH WAIT
the 9 year old pudgy mexi-asian kid (who wore a folded bandana headband, mirrored aviator sunglasses, and *Lies t-shirt) in me wants to watch the Guns N Roses Concert so bad this weekend. Theres a ton of tickets available too. *my mom never let me buy this shirt #Catholicism (I bought it anyway with my summer lawnmowerin' money).
I wonder how Gabrielle thinks about Wade moving so close back to this situation: man some fucking bridges must have been burned to the ground. also the Bulls will have a weird assed roster next season. Rondo, Butler, and Wade? its ironic in how Knick's-esque this roster seems in lieu of them trading/losing players to the knicks.
Duncan isn't retiring. He's already renewed his shoe contract: Tim Duncan Re-Ups Shoe Deal With Florsheim
next two years are the major increases for salary cap. then the owners can start shenanigans and start claiming their losing money and force a lockout.the next cba is already coming up in 2017 (both parties have option to terminate in 2017 so expect owners to claim they're losing money as soon as now) so shenanigans could start up next offseason.
could happen, but the lakers/etc might as well go for the glory right now and trade the whole house for westbrook to gain those bird rights (bird rights years are transferred through trade) so they can offer that extra year of a mega max next season.its important for superstars to get their max contracts in this and next year, because another lockout might happen with the exploding revenue.
so I wonder how many draft picks + young players the Lakers or celtics (or any team with the same) will be dangling at OKC for Westbrook. celtics have brooklyn's 2017 and 2018 (both unprotected ) 1st round, and mav's 2017 (top seven protected ) and smart, crowder, jaylen brown, bradley, ect. lakers have ingram, russell, clarkson, randle, but no 1st round picks until 2019
it's a 1year contract with a player option in 2nd season... if things go awry and end up like 2011 heat KD can become free agent again and ghost. it's 99% probable that's what he'll do anyway to make the new mega super duper Maximus contract
warriors have 4 chips! by your logic the Los Angeles lakers should only have 11 championships
It's a good trade if KD stayed. But.....
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