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the most important question after this game: can State Farm Insurance DeAndre Jordan legally go to a public bathroom in Charlotte North Carolina?
2001 Seattle Mariners.
only front. I'm going to get the front and back ones now so you can see my "what the fuck is this mother fucker doing.....Oh GOD O GOD!" reactions.
I saw/was part of an almost catastrophic car accident yesterday. crazy dude in a civic going 90+mph swerved from the right most lane behind me (I was going almost 80mph on a 70mph speed limit 4 lane highway) into the left lane, while a range rover was merging quickly into the left lane (in true nashville fashion - no turn signals) and they almost collided (which would've taken out all the cars behind them (me immediately behind them). I'm happy for a couple things, that...
I have no clue (I'm from new england... i usually drank snapple ), it was a soul food place.
I know I complain about not having good pizza or bagels easily on demand in Nashville, but then I have a plate of fried catfish, cheese grits, baked apples, fresh biscuits and sweet tea (for less than $10) this morning and all is forgiven [[SPOILER]]
its weird because of Warriors lose tonight then effectively/normally OKC would have the series locked up. but if the warriors win tonight then they gain back home court advantage (odds heavily in favor of Warriors to win series). I still think if OKC wins then warriors still have huge chance even down 3-1 (just because game 5 would almost be a automatic home court pressure win in oakland, then the pressure is back on OKC to defend home court in game 6 to avoid going back...
i'm getting to that stage in life where my once wild assed party friends are posting "which minivan?!" questions on facebook. They chose the Quest over the Sienna
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