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the Pride parade this year is going to be raging.
I fooled a bunch of my Knick fan friends by saying: did you hear the knicks chose the white guy?! at 6:00pm, when we were all hanging out after a softball practice. They were all white and their reverse bigotry (disgusted/dejected faces) against their euro/caucasian brethren was hilarious. When the actual draft started and the knicks ended choosing Darko 2.0, I had to turn off my phone from the pissed off texts. I do hope that darko 2.0 and kamisky end up being awesome...
LOLOLOLOL all those albatross contracts were to expire either way... sure he got rid of JR Smith but had to throw in Shumpert to do it... its like he's taking credit for watching paint dry
PHIL JACKSON: 'I DID A GREAT JOB' The Knicks team president evaluated his performance: "I did a great job last year, shedding [contracts] to put us in a position where we have this flexibility.” The Knicks finished with a franchise-low 17 wins.
ok real talk... what can SF'ers tell me about living in the Nashville Tennessee area(s)? There might be a big move the region for the wife and I. lol of all the other potential places we were planning on potentially moving to, Boston, Portland Maine, Chicago, Vero Beach Florida, it turns out we might actually be heading for Nashville Tennessee ) Just when I finally got used to CT....
Fairfield county CT is very sympathetic to anyone who has work travel or booked vacations. the wife and I usually do a week in Maine during the planned trial (which was projected to run 3-4 fucking weeks) but nothing booked. didn't want to lie but talked to them about past lake house/hotel bookings and that was enough
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