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why does it have to be pitbulls yo?
lol I'm joiking I wanted the warriors to be the next dynasty (because in the end fucking hero ball won out).
i had to do it:
damn I know the feeling being a pats fan.....
MVP for Cavs: Anderson Varej√£o "FUCK YA'LL I GET A RING NO MATTER WHAT" *was so bad .. so very very bad.
I have a feeling this will be like a baseball or hockey comeback from 3-1 where the team that made up the series deficit has a weird confidence momentum coupled with self doubt from team that let the series lead slip away. Lebron has been the best player on the court for the whole series/playoffs. The NBA finals winner usually has some sort of super dominant superstar forcing the outcome. also on various NBA chat rooms tonight will be trolling of epic proportions with...
curry hit the son of a minority cavs owner... IN THE FACE WITH HIS SALIVA LADENED MOUTHPIECE! seriously though, that legitimately could warrant a suspension in normal circumstances.
hey I cheered for Kevin Garnett and Rondo and Pierce. those three did all sorts of total asshattery things on the court. I'll totally own up to garnett being a douche on the court, but he was my douche!its weird how a lot of Golden State fans can't see how Green didn't deserve what he got. I remember when KG dick tapped Channing Frye and it was hilarious because it was such an asshole move, but the celtics were making a furious comeback that game partly because KG and...
it was and can continue to be a genius move by lebron to goad green into doing outlandish taunting/dick taps/etc to get that suspension. green and everyone knew all it would take is one more flagrant or some more technicals. its not like he serves his time and it starts a blank slate, green can be instigated to it again and get a quick suspension again.
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