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why doesn't the Post Office have a drop off box/machine for Pre-Paid Priority and Express Mail Envelopes and Packages? hell you could theoretically make a machine to print postage priority/express mail label, to which you put you stuff into readily available/free envelope/box then drop it inside. I realize that they ask if you have "dangerous substances/ect " before they accept it, but even fedex/ups have drop off boxes for pre paid stuff. or maybe have a semi-dedicated...
toronto and the mets are playing a preseason game in Montreal. the fans did show up like 40K and the crowd is super into it. Its cool seeing the HR measurements on the outfield wall in meters .
think of all the pussy you can lay in this baby: [[SPOILER]]
I already was almost a silent [aZn], then became a deferent, now you want me to be a sneaky?
I talked to my brother (who's an insurance adjuster in San Francisco) and he said the neighbor never really would've been forced to pay anything anyway (because it was an "act of god"/covered by comprehensive issue). I was advised not to even approach the neighbor (because you never know.. and because silent asians always silent).the $300 deductible is moot if I avoid stress from the neighbors here on out. Hell everyone's trashcans/recycling bins were strewn out all over...
the wife and I have tried the duvet cover (in lieu of top sheet + comforter) and I must say it has its advantages. I talked with my neighbor (the one who left random junk on the side of his house which ended up being blown by strong winds into my car and scratching/denting it) and he apologized profusely, promptly moved all the stuff into his back yard (and out of sight), and offered to pay my insurance deductible. I thanked him for offering and said he didn't have to...
every single dent/scratch on my car has the result of fucking infuriating circumstances. - come home from long hard 10mile summer run. park on street, go home take shower fall asleep and rudely awakened to brooklyn hail storm in the middle of july - dent on side after valet parking it at a hotel in washington DC, only notice when I put gas in car in South Carolina (on my way to florida) - neighbor leaves random shit on side of his house. fucking windy this morning. a...
I went almost 20 years without eating breakfast in the morning. Now I just skip lunch! I live like a southerner now, just load up on a huge breakfast that will power me through the day.
my favorite trader joes item is actually the Buttermilk Pancake (and all purpose flour mix). You can make pancakes, of course, but you can also use it for flour for fried chicken, and biscuits. Its $2.99 for a box.I made these babies this morning... its actually so easy (just as easy as making pancakes time wise):
cooking your own food, can help you save a ton. You can buy a medium sized chicken (that weighs near 7 lbs) bake it, which comes out delicious, and that'll feed a single guy for up to three days (tasty leftovers). but frying expensive steaks (like near $20 new york strips can eat that budget away quick.
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