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long cage rear derailleur + compact chainrings (something like a 50-34)/or gasp: a triple chainring + cassette with a 32t in there...the triple/compact crank or long cage rear derailleur might not be feasible, so maybe just try to jam the cassette with the biggest gearing possible for your present derailleur (maybe it'll go up to a 28t... i know some shimano ultegra RDs can handle to 30t)... it makes a huge difference if you only have something narrower like a...
my dog likes to jump high for stuff....
^the wife has a new iPhone... she's going a little crazy with the slo-mo feature.
my dog likes to jump high for stuff.
ah playoff baseball.....
only truly affluent can afford to get divorced. Its been a new/sad experience having some friends hit me up for money (since I'm in my mid 30's the 1st wave of friends divorces are upon me) after being hit really hard by divorces.
I watched the uber exciting, albeit long and draining TV drama titled MLB Playoffs Episode 1: AL Wild Card Play In Game last night which left me wasted this early morning
who's acting like the pats are elite? I haven't. I don't get it. They're relevant because they've made some pretty deep playoff runs coupled with stellar average regular seasons (albeit always inflated because of weak divisions) but if anything all my fellow pats fans knew we didn't really have a chance against the ravens or denver in the playoffs recently.
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