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its humid swamp ass weather before 8am.
last monday night my wife was like: "did you hear about all the nude celebrity pics that were released?" I tried to be cool and asked: "hmm, who's in it?" She then asked: I'm curious is 600mb a lot to download? will it take long? I'm going to click on the link and download the whole zip file" we looked over the pics together.20min later the whole reddit page (with pic links and download links) was taken down.
The redsox are projected to be awesome next year which makes me fear that other teams will follow the suck this year/awesome next year yo yo diet
Will there be commemorative patches, hats, tshirts, herpes tree posters available?
Is it true the Yankees are going to bury Jeter alive in monument park at seasons end?
doorbell/knocks at the front door?
whats pissing me off: I had yesterday off, so I finally go down to the local beach (which is located on a sound) and swim. its hot and muggy, and I swim out and the water is stagnant and like warm dirty bathwater, then the horseflies come out and start stinging any available part of exposed skin, even when I swim about 75ft out, to where the lifeguard starts yelling over the megaphone to watch out for the riptides (which was weird/scary because the first 50ft was calm as...
its actually the first extended period, lol probably 4 days at most, of hot sticky northeast summer we've experienced this summer (the kind that goes through the whole night). this summer has actually been freaking awesome and comfortable most of the way.but yeah, today I was drenched with sweat walking the dogs this morning at 6am, I did jog around with them for about 10min, but I know when its humid and hot when my dogs want to get back to the house ASAP and lounge in...
I was walking around the old neighborhood today. it was very "Manton" weather. I saw an old friend and he and I tossed around a baseball for about 20min and I was DRENCHED in a "Northeast soupy humidity" sweat.
I'm weirdly changing my stance on StubHub though... I end up using them a lot for sporting events -they don't charge extra fees anymore after purchasing, they price they post is the price you pay - which seems like a simple/elegant way to do things that takes the anger out of paying $100 over list price for Bruins playoff tickets.
New Posts  All Forums: