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I guess not all radons are bad... I hypothesize that specific radons are probably really good for you.
I fell down a Internet rabbit hole about Radon Gas levels in your home last night. the first house had super low levels and I still ended up putting a mitigation system in (for resale value if ever, and just to be safe) and I researched and knew all the arguments. What pisses me off is before you know it I'm voraciously reading (and sadly re-reading ) city-data threaks full of usual nut jobs arguing both sides until 3am.
supposedly there are celebrity sightings all the time, things like nichole kidman and jack white grocery shopping. mick jagger is rumored to have a condo or something here. after living/working in NYC for almost 10 years I'd think I'm immune about celebrity sightings, but I know if I were to see Taylor Swift or Jack White I'd turn into a creepy fanboi and demand a cellphone pic with them while doing corny asian picture poses.
its definitely a happy move. I've already lived in SoCal (O.C.), NorCal (SF), NYC (Williamsburg), Boston/CT/Rhode Island, now its time to try the south.In fairness I had hipster flashbacks of Williamsburg when we were looking at houses right in Nashville.The wife and I were watching Master of None and the Nashville Episode came up and it was like a sign to move.There's asians here. Hell the hotel I checked in had a filipino manager. You can't escape asians. I almost...
Just closed on a house in Nashville - Brentwood, TN. [[SPOILER]]
The only cavity and its filling I've ever had in my life fell out the other day while eating fried chicken.
I bought one of those VW diesels back in 2011, apparently VW cheated on their emissions testing and now might have to recall like 500,000 of their diesel cars (including mine).
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