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I grew up in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Its one of the weirdest places on earth, you think Boston can seesaw between extreme provincialism and progressiveness in its people.... what ever you do ghet in ya caa and head to a newpawt creamAHry and get yawself a cabinet or an awful awful, maybe a coffee milk and some Portuguese bread.
1.6 kilometers = 1 mile. So you "ran" a little over a mile in 30min?
its good to see that Sansa is looking cleaner. [[SPOILER]]
wait i thought Jeremy Lin was Korean right?
My work wife used to be a lesbian Indian woman and my boss a huge gay man who we called mamma bear (he was the equivalent of a work mom)..
"I used to be in the business. That's what we called it." - FALCON
I want to troll now by saying: "I paid $1500 to have my tranny fluid completely removed, I think is a good deal because they also changed my oil filters and window wiping juice!"
I fell down the hellhole of internet car forums in my research on my upcoming 40,000 mile car service. Dudes can almost be as bad as mom/dog owners [on internet forums] when it comes to immediate extreme anger/aggressive responses. Replacing transmission fluid is almost as hot of a topic as breastfeeding or using shock collars.
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