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its blue and black.
so you're angry at manny or the media? or both?I understand though.. manny got into politics makes him look like a saint to the US/world media, but any educated filipino knows that it was his way of staying rich after retiring from boxing. politicians in the philippines are basically mini-coporation-army-mafia-empires and is probably the most lucrative profession if you can handle the inherent danger.the US media does gloss over manny's indiscretions, while really going...
the thing with removing the meniscus wether complete or partial is that there's going to be dehabilitating arthritis down the road. normally down the road means when you're in your 50's or 60's but in the case of basketball players they process is sped along. the ACL repair type he opted to use was the hamstrings tendon iso-graft which requires a longer rehab but has prolonged/less arthritis outcomes - so you can only assume his mindset (along with recent interviews) is...
its reality TV. my brother and sister in law won a "remodel your living room!" contest on HGTV back in the day and its all so heavily produced. I think they had like 100 workers come in and it took a week to finish but they literally had a scrip to follow with a director feeding them lines. [[SPOILER]]
Did you even ask what Greenfrog wanted? How the Greenfrog felt? #misogony #jezebel commenter #male privilege
its only a matter of time before the financial geeks who took over baseball (hell two goldman sachs guys ended up buying the Tampa Bay Rays and going full money ball but on a totally different level than oakland) start creeping into the GM positions of NBA teams.
Raw Sewage Flooded The Locker Rooms In Oakland Yesterday
up by 9 with less than two minutes left lakers still almost blew it! That sequence to force OT was still exciting as hell even the OT the lakers tried 100 ways to blow it. OMG what have these two once great franchises trotted out as game time lineups were full of LOLz.it was like watching an exciting HOBO fight.
I lost my favorite pair of gloves. It was a scorching 35F and my hands were sweating so i took them off for some respite and they fell out of my pocket somewhere. I FUCKING HATE THIS WINTER.
I was about to shovel this melted slushy heavy assed snow out of my driveway/walkways but the snow plow guy I pay actually showed up right before hand.
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