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the thing with weezer is even their light pop inspired music is actually dense and very noisy. its like eating croissants, they seem light and fluffy, but are actually butter ladened and sit heavy in the stomach.
I remember back in early college I was hanging out with my buddies and watching one of those Iron Man races (it was the one where the women lose all body functions and can barely crawl to the finish line) and we all vowed to do a real iron man one day. one of my buddies actually did finish one (it was the iron man held in Quebec) last weekend and I'm happy for him because he got into running and triathlons only about 3 years ago and now he finished a 4 mile swim, 100+...
how much room is that project taking in your NYC apt?
"come on baby... it doesn't count if its... just the tip"
I don't get why in tennis they call serves that tip the net "let".
I'm thinking it would be even just better to take out all the lock nuts and use regular bolts. who wants to be on the highway changing out a flat then have the lug nut lock key roll off into a gutter in the dark or something. who's stealing my wheels anyway.
lost the lug nut lock key for my car's wheels. I know it was lost in my last car maintenance at my dealer. called up dealer and they want me to buy a new set of lock nuts (with a new key) and will charge me 0.5hrs labor on top of that. I filed an official complaint because: 1. I know the dealer was the one who lost my lug nut lock key (because they said they checked my spare and jack set as part of the last official free maintenance). 2. motherfuckers have a lug nut...
I miss fang so much I measured a recent dickture in centimeters, noticed I was running a slight 38.2 celsius fever, kissed my slender asian wife, then biked to work.
side note to edina, I was walking my dogs, while playing disc golf (the park doubles as a huge off leash dog park), and thinking about my wife (she wants a new iPhone and the phone I found was a graphite 5s) during all of this.
New Posts  All Forums: