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its because he's so handsome. its like that seinfield episode where george has a plutonic crush on a male model.
That Tony Wroten move...it looks cool, but it's actually very easy and anyone who plays with any discipline at all on D won't leave the ground on that fake.
I know how it can actually happen: [[SPOILER]]
Bosh could just be an asshole and kill the Heat potential dynasty for good by leaving for houston. why not, home state, still the same 0 income tax, true MAX salary, and actually a contender anyway.its like when the drummer or base player quits a superstar laden rock band, on the surface it might seem like no big deal and the band can continue being awesome/successful, but more often than naught it ends up sinking the band anywayalso remember Chris Bosh used to be pretty...
its like a semi-bad fantasy player auction only ITS REAL LIFE YO!it sounds like an "over pay" but he's a center who can shoot and doesn't have one leg shorter than the other, and isn't kendrick perkins so the going rate for anything else is near 10million a year.
x-post from USA thread but relevant for today: I get surprisingly patriotic whenever I hear this:
the times Tony goes hero-ball and isn't pulled by coach Pop it seems like its by design: where Pop says "fuck it... take over!" and lets parker run 5 pick and rolls in 24 second sets just to get free to slash to the hole for a floater/pull up jumper.then the defense gets tired keeping up with parker and then they go back to slash and kick to mix it up.
Parker has the multi-facitied ability to run a system offense, run an offense by himself when it breaks down, and also look for his own shot. winning isn't everything, but barely playing 30min/game (29.4min/game this season) is the reason his stats don't stack up per game average. But if you just look at his per 36min/game numbers then you can see he's up there with the other guys in an over-all sense.if parker was playing like 35min and given free reign he'd have the...
another way to sign him is to just overpay him for 2 or three years (three years if you want to use him as an expiring contract bargaining chip for trade/sign and trade).Cleveland should just probably offer Lance Stephenson like 45mill/3years or maybe hayward like 36mill/two years and see if it sticks.
New Posts  All Forums: