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It's a good trade if KD stayed. But.....
Omg okc traded away ibaka....!
So small ball starting 5? Or bogut is luc longley 2.0 ?
I hear wood creaking... Because everyone jumped back onto the Dubs bandwagon!
it's a dual pronged attack on the Warriors - force the Warriors to pay the max (also create strife in the locker room with Barnes being paid at least double the salary of klay, curry, draymond). also if ever dubs call the bluff they get a new player and force the dubs to find expensive replacement regardless.
I'm happy to see nba players get paid, but I think mlb players get paid in a better scale (stars get huge non yearly capped contracts) scrubs and rookies get exponentially smaller. with salary cap + guaranteed 51% share of revenue its the middle class and even lower class players getting huge salary bumps (just like before). Lebron and durant would probably get like $60-90 year and scrubs like deon waiters should be getting $5-10 million year.
this isn't even really bad... wait till next year when the cap jumps from 90+million another 20million to 110million (and probably more so figure near 120million cap). signing Conley isn't that bad considering the cap is going to jump hard again next year. you might as well pay you star player now (long deal) then wait... and have his contract get even more ridiculous . as long as the player is a star caliber player in his 20's then you just lock him up without thinking...
why the fuck would KD leave okc? they'll probably win 60+ games next season and have epic battle with Lebron in finals. Adams made things simple with that anchor at 5 on defense and offense. okc is complete now and makes sense. the weird part is that if KD leaves I still think okc wins 50+ games and is a legit title contender anyway especially if they scramble and get a al hortford type FA like gasol, hortford, or even loul deng. wb can go kobe/Allen iverson 2.0 and just...
John Snow potentially marrying his aunt or cousin odds favor Sansa in my book, but auntie dany/wife has a very tygarian ring to it.
the thirst in arya's eyes was strong for Jamie
New Posts  All Forums: