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I got a notice in the mail notifying me that that parking ticket I got back a couple weeks ago was dismissed. Also today I think my wife and I spent less than an hour inside, we were at the beach, with the dogs at the park, took a nice hike/bike ride in another park, hell we ate lunch and dinner from food trucks at another park and ate outside under the sun. By the time we drove home (near 9pm and just getting dark) I didn't really feel tired - but now... I can barely...
my wife and I used to have two of those Olympus (waterproof/shockproof/crushproof) cameras. my current avatar was taken with one of them. This is off the Apo Reef in the Philippines. there's aways a heavy current there so its pretty tough to take pics. the camera slipped off my hand and fell down about 20feet onto the seabed and it became a fun challenge swimming down and trying to get it with the current.when we got back home (it was during xmas vacation) it was...
the bigger news is Embiid needing surgery.it could drop him to the 5th of 6th pick (or even further) if he loses a whole year due to injury. but that means the Lakers and Celtics now have chance to nab a player that could possibly be a trade chip for Love.
Here's the highlights so far:
I think the one thing Why said america make best is hamburgers.* at least we americans have that!* [[SPOILER]]
the conspiracy theorist in me likes to think that the retiring of David Stern and take over of the SILVER HAMMER coincides with the Spurs practically sweeping the Heat (all wins by blowout no less).in david stern times - I'd expect there to be 1000x more drama and bad calls and at least a game 6.I do know that Silver wants to turn the NBA into a NFL model where playoff results/match-ups don't really matter (even the Super Bowl can be a matchup between small market teams...
is this pertinent for you right now?I think I hate San Francisco. - Lefty
my family basically lived on the new england waterfront for most of our lives, we sucked it up and didn't have air conditioning. I remember the nights where sometimes it would be high 80's or 90's with no breeze and if you opened the windows totally open (screen included) the saltwater mosquitos would swarm in and eat you alive at night. (the worst part is that you only need 1 or 2 pesky motherfucking mosquitos to ruin sleep). but if you're land locked or in the city? ...
I'm happy because the Onion exists: Sonny Corleone Would Still Be Alive Today If He Had E-ZPass
in my experience (with super feminist lesbians), if you treat them like dudes (I talk to them like how I'd talk to Hulk Hogan) they end up being nice.
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