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Beal and wall are going to blossom under the tutelage of emeritus professor Paul pierce in advanced degree courses such as old man game, how to troll opposing teams star player into on court flame war, the face of rape (et. al. RFX45 ), clutch shots, how to survive/it's best to avoid off court violence.
I've had my 610 (paired with the garmin bike cadence/wheel sensor) since 2011. I had the 405 before that since 2009. the cadence/wheel sensor is very useful when doing indoor rollers/trainer workouts.I've been happy with the 610 (the battery is still going strong since 2011) for running and biking (I also bought that little rubber bike handle handle mount from garmin - you don't need to zip tie it down though you can just tighten the watch straps). Its kind of...
it seems like a confidence issue with lebron too... because in his old cleveland/heat days those were always defensively solid teams (say what you want about mike brown but he was a great defensive coach) with good defensive rotations and personnel. now lebron looks over at kyrie and kevin love (who are sub par and don't understand good team defense/schemes lebron is saying "fuck it" and saving himself on the defensive side... the thing is... he's kind of saving himself...
miles and mason plumlee also sound like african american names so they join Khalil Greene in the "wait he's white?" all stars.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL:I'm personally enamored by him because last year I picked Miles Plumlee in my fantasy team on a whim. I then looked him up on draft kings and saw his amazing raw athletic numbers [7footer with 40.5" vertical leap?! ] and two months later finally watched a Phoenix Suns game on cable and was confused to where he was ....only to realize, "what the fuck? this awkward white guy is Miles Plumlee?!" Yup I thought he was black for two months because of his draft...
another huge fucking super typhoon heading straight for my parents/sister's/families areas in the Philippines. i guess this is going to be a yearly thing? WTF.
NBA player's heights are wonky:Dwight howard is 6'9" without shoes..... but he has a 7'4.5" wingspan: http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Dwight-Howard-2888/chanlder parson's is basically as tall as dwight howard.... http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Chandler-Parsons-5050/you'd think that wingspan and vertical leap are better indicators of actual height and play in regards to bigger front line players, but then you have blake griffin who has somewhat pedestrian stats in...
my Ecuadorian NYPD neighbor friend had his beat right in SoHo (we were biking buddies and would watch yankees games together). he was really cool and would let me illegally park right on Prince Street with all the russian mobsters and politicians. It was especially awesome on weekends.shopping in NYC is so much easier if you have a car. SoHo is basically a huge mall only with very pretty female european/asian/ect. tourist
weather.com is now using "moonrise" and "moonset" instead of sunrise and sunset to appease moon lovers advocates delicate issues with perceived sun privilege. its almost as bad as when you buy something at wall greens instead of saying "thanks for shopping at wall greens" they say "be well"
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