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my favorite Facebook friends are my friends who've turned into super right wing gun advocates/anti-obama people. seriously, they're my favorite because they put the most effort into their Facebook posts. 2nd favorite are the former genius/failed prodigy types who also use Facebook as a means to show how "smart and brilliant" they still are. My least favorite are the got married late female friends, these are the type to flood with a hundred pictures of their wedding,...
the girl got bitch slapped hard but actually regained her balance and held on to the pole to keep herself up so quickly. she's scrappy.so the girl was loud/brash/boastful/aggressive (kind of like how native NYC'ers are about their city), and she got supremely bitchslapped (as to what happens in NYC when you can't back up your shit), but she took her hit, actually bounced back within a impressively short amount of time, and kept right on fighting.this video kind of...
I don't get why anyone would buy a supermarket freezer section pie over a normal fresh pie from the bake goods section. Instructions say you have to bake it for 60-70min then you have to wait 2 fucking hours before consuming. Thats over 3 fucking hours of baking and waiting just to eat pie.
^at least you can check the "hispanic" box for your future booth children. make them proud of their pseudo filipino/mexican pride! they'll get into cornell/columbia/NYU/maybe princeton or yale easy.
The ultimate trifecta is to be female, hispanic, and maybe already have a child.I was going to make a long post about this, but my filipino cousins parent's in california all gamed the system in the 80- 90's by listing their children as "latino/hispanic" during enrollment throughout elementary/middle/highschool.they all got into the good UC schools and one of them who barely scraped a 2.9gpa in HS got into USC. granted most of them were raised asian-style (parents would...
wait till the move the the waterfront stadium in san francisco, then it'll be bad with the bandwagoners, hopefully it'll be like MSG where its diehards + scene-sters (that stadium is still loud sold out and into it even with shitty knicks teams).
in before asian + tweezer + penis jokes! [[SPOILER]]
i found another tick today. [[SPOILER]]
I'm happy about the recent Halloween. I bought candy on the day of... I bought a lot just in case, but avoided buying early because last year I ate a lot of it before halloween because it was delicious candy.Only opened one bag of heath bars to start things off and gave to the few kids who knocked at the door. then it started raining heavy by 8:30pm and continued until the next morning - no trick or treaters after that what so ever.Returned that shit today for a full...
i've had to pull two ticks off my body in the past week. one was on my hip - that I noticed while showering, and the other was on my upper back. the one on my back was a bitch to get off, I pulled most of it off but the head/mouth was still in me like a pesky splinter to which my wife had to get tweezers to pull out.
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