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I got so fucking fooled by the Dragic to Celtics trade. fucking Zoran Dragic.
if there's actual butter in butterbeer then the succeeding morning's hangover shits after drinking too much of it must be exquisite.
I got bit by a wasp yesterday. Wasp stings hurt so much worse than bee stings. I felt that alarming surging localized stinging pain and looked down at my calf and saw a wasp stinging the shit out of me I knew even before looking down that it was probably a wasp (because it hurt so much more) and not a bee. I was happy because I'm allergic to bee stings but not allergic to wasp stings.
I don't get "butter coffee". the potential explosive diarrhea scenarios are horrifying.
The most enlightening part about the Cowheard rant was not his feelings about DR, but the comments section where "I don't see what's offensive, everyone's too PC!" From the melatonin deficient specie seems to be a popular stance.
ordered replacement valve ($70) found an awesome local mechanic - everything fixed for $150. to think I almost did the lazy/expensive thing and went to the fucking dealership and dropped $1500 (to replace the whole compressor).this is where the internet forums (specifically those VW diesel forums) ended up being a plethora of useful information.the best part was the mechanic was happy that I did the research (I did the eager asian student thing and printed out all the VW...
Blame Curt Schilling!
2013/2014 NBA Finals: Miami Heat and LeBron James Could Be Best EverWhy the San Antonio Spurs Can’t Shed Media’s ‘Boring’ Label
the sopranos had higher levels of acting, almost transcendent levels with the Tony and Carmela and principle actors, but The Wire had such a better story line/writing that was novel like.its like the 2014 San Antonio Spurs (The Wire) vs the 2013 Miami Heat (the Sopranos).**yup I just made a sports reference that PB and GF will not understand.
he's always spider to me:
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