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he should've never demanded a mid season trade from denver to knicks....
Carmelo Anthony made one thing clear after meeting with New York Knicks management on Thursday: He wants the club to "take advantage of this window that I have" http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/15206426/carmelo-anthony-tells-new-york-knicks-take-advantage-window-have the only way to truly have taken advantage of "this window he has" would've been to trade his ass this season, because his trade value was as high as it ever was going to get.
Manton/Manton ?
You know Carmelo thinks to himself: " if I keep this up... I'll be in the conversation for greatest Knick ever!"
Dat Phan level interpretation of phun.
Kareem though...
Yeah Wilt is the greatest Warriors player (google it motherfuckers) AND Lakers player ever.its probably magic though... if you had to start a team with just one lakers player it has to be magic.seriously though as much as I hate kobe, even larry bird admitted that he'd rather play with Kobe over Lebron in a bill simmons podcast because kobe would be the best player of the two if you wanted to win. . if anything kobe and larry bird share a lot of the same traits of...
happy b-day bro. [[SPOILER]] yes. why should I be surprised when my dogs are adept and motivated to catch frisbees mid air and balls thrown at great velocities and awkward bounces/angles.the Boston terrier will tear any stuffed toy into shreds and literally will shred apart any squeaky ball/toy till it a squeak a no more.
Cute mother and kid rabbit in my yard..... My two dogs start stalking the rabbits..... I'm thinking there's no chance.... But with military precision the dogs team up and fucking snag and kill both rabbits. I'd post pics but it was one of the more sad things I've witnessed live. I had to chase down the little gay one because he was really trying to fucking eat the mother rabbit and wasn't going to give her up.
New Posts  All Forums: