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another huge fucking super typhoon heading straight for my parents/sister's/families areas in the Philippines. i guess this is going to be a yearly thing? WTF.
NBA player's heights are wonky:Dwight howard is 6'9" without shoes..... but he has a 7'4.5" wingspan: http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Dwight-Howard-2888/chanlder parson's is basically as tall as dwight howard.... http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Chandler-Parsons-5050/you'd think that wingspan and vertical leap are better indicators of actual height and play in regards to bigger front line players, but then you have blake griffin who has somewhat pedestrian stats in...
my Ecuadorian NYPD neighbor friend had his beat right in SoHo (we were biking buddies and would watch yankees games together). he was really cool and would let me illegally park right on Prince Street with all the russian mobsters and politicians. It was especially awesome on weekends.shopping in NYC is so much easier if you have a car. SoHo is basically a huge mall only with very pretty female european/asian/ect. tourist
weather.com is now using "moonrise" and "moonset" instead of sunrise and sunset to appease moon lovers advocates delicate issues with perceived sun privilege. its almost as bad as when you buy something at wall greens instead of saying "thanks for shopping at wall greens" they say "be well"
bought the xmas tree today... it was at Stew Leonards so it was nice because they have someone follow you through the tree buying processes (he frees the perspective trees from the nets, fluffs the uninhibited trees and then will re-net it for you once you've chosen. [[SPOILER]] also walking through the xmas stuff I found these ornaments that L'inc would probably like:every year I want to go artificial tree for the convenience, but the smell of pine is awesome in the house.
its happenstance but I de-virginized this female friend of mine in college while the song was playing in the background. she acted liberated and semi-slutty but when we were about to commence she admitted she was a virgin and I felt a tinge of guilt but proceeded in voracious fashion.
did you know that He's Neneh Cherry's brother?
I made two turkeys this year, both small 12lb birds... one was a beer can turkey, and the other a deep fried one. Both turned out awesome. I think I have the whole process down pat... the deep fried one actually takes just over an hour (including prep) and the beer can one is just prep and bake. The beer can turkey is convenient because the drippings make such a perfect base for gravy. The turkey's were great... but I'm almost more excited about the sandwiches to...
I made two turkeys this year both small 12lbs birds though... one beer can turkey and one deep fried one. Both turned out awesome. I thought I showed restraint when I ate one drumstick, some rice, and a slice of pie and was full at 4pm. Then 8pm hit and I had another plate. I was just about to sleep and remembered to make a couple turkey sandwiches (the kind where you use three slices and add cranberry sauce and gravy to the middle slice of the sanwhich) for my wife...
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