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I was trying out living without the air conditioning in the car and have been successful for this whole summer (because its actually been a pretty mild summer in CT). Its been great, windows down, wind streaming through.. brought back a lot of memories of summers past... I try turning the A/C on this morning and its broken Just had it checked out and, of course, the garage recommends a new compressor. I did some research and supposedly GM/VW models that have this...
The ginger ring leader is totally the ginger kid from true detective season two who had his lebrons stolen.
I had this happen to me but the same girl was driving a SUV in front of me. She would just slow down to 2mph and you could see her raising her fucking cellphone as she responded to texts while her SUV would swerve around.. People started to beep at me thinking I could do something while traffic was building up behind me.
the thing is... NFL contracts often get confused with MLB or NBA contracts, which are guaranteed. NFL players don't have guaranteed contracts.Only a select few NFL players actually get much guaranteed money.... most often than naught the team has the right to just drop a player if they aren't performing well or due to disciplinary actions.So if a player is performing well (or even above his salary level) his only recourse to hold out because he might suck for 4 games and...
the Clips, DeAndre, and Mavs thing played out like a romantic comedy written by Mindy Kailing.
Lion-O and Panthro REUNITED!
doc's silver lining: "it's Austen's time to blossom!"
"I don't like to micromanage, but hate that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I'll work as a team with co-workers, but won't stop until its right"
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