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Embiid is still so young, 22yo, he's going to be a beast. [[SPOILER]]
^you're the guy who says "I'm going to hit this 40ft putt!" and yells "I TOLD YOU SO!" after the 20th try.taking stances against contracts of obviously over paid players and bad trades is like saying "THIS WET PAINT?! it's going to EVENTUALLY DRY! Is it dry yet?! ITS DRY... OMG SEE I TOLD YOU SO. I WAS RIGHT!"
also it's hard to develop into a superstar if you have to share the ball with KD AND RW (and harden for a couple years). if anything that stunted him along with scottie brooks iso offense. if ibaka was on the spurs when young i bet he would've slowly developed into a 20/10 guy. it's too late now since it's clear ibaka is probably 40yo.
Orlando is actually lucky to get that haul for Ibaka, for a half season rental. Masai Ujiri Is rumored to be at least 60yo.... if anyone would know about the shelf life of African products.....
i don't get Smoothie King. it's super expensive for what you get - you can easily spend almost $10 * for one fucking shake. it's almost as unhealthy calorie wise ordering a normal fast food meal (which you can get a complete meal with drink for $10). and it's not really meal replacement. it's a fucking shake. i know people are getting one of these smoothies AND a meal on top of it. you might as well just get a mcdonald's meal with a milkshake for the same money. *...
i didn't want to be there. there were three other solid poker players there and it took a while to sniff each other out. in the end i had better cards.i'm a sociable guy, but being nice and engaging at parties can be exhausting for wife took my winnings and will probably buy lunch for the d bags with it. [[SPOILER]]
Wife texts me "you're good at poker right? Not busy Sat? Need u to go to office mates poker party. Please be ON."she drops me off at the house alone where I only know two people.I play poker, be charming, have meaningful conversations, and skirt around tense semi racist suspect political talk. Picks me up 5 hours later and pockets my $320 winnings. [[SPOILER]]
I'm curious to know what type of ACL reconstruction was done on Jabari's first surgery and what the plan is for the 2nd. This is one of those things (2nd rupture/tear surgery same knee) where you only really frequently see in skiing accidents. with a 2nd ACL repair you start to worry about where they harvest autografts (back in the day there were cases baseball players were getting more than two tommy john surgeries and having to utilize both hamstrings tendon grafts). ...
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