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I was about to shovel this melted slushy heavy assed snow out of my driveway/walkways but the snow plow guy I pay actually showed up right before hand.
I just love how this thread was started with the possibility of a PBF vs Pacman fight back in 2009 (holy shit 6 fucking years ago!). hopefully manny can get in some good power shots... if sugar shane could almost put PBF on the canvas maybe manny will be able to finally get through and make it a war. I'm curious on how the crowd will be...
guys come on...be strong .....avoid the.....
ok I've put a some rough calculations into this, it involves what the current cap % max players have this year and the potential increased salary cap, maybe roughly $89 million...its kind of long so here goes: [[SPOILER]]
what if it was a tattoo of bugs bunny? that would be so meta..... [[SPOILER]]
quoted for the way you mimic ESPN Talking Heads' talent for race-baiting I'm impressed! really that was awesome.
^I know that was satire post, but maybe you can convince Bruce Springsteen or maybe John Cougar Mellencamp to make this a verse in one of their upcoming songs?
there's a lot of parallels to this year's Super Bowl to this fight.... hopefully its ends just as spectacularly.
a few of my more affluent filipino friends have actually are preparing to buy tickets ASAP.... lolI don't actually know, maybe just watch it in a bar that should be fun I know my mexican friends will be celebrating that weekend anyway and they'll have the fight on too.... lots of options.
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