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Blame Curt Schilling!
2013/2014 NBA Finals: Miami Heat and LeBron James Could Be Best EverWhy the San Antonio Spurs Can’t Shed Media’s ‘Boring’ Label
the sopranos had higher levels of acting, almost transcendent levels with the Tony and Carmela and principle actors, but The Wire had such a better story line/writing that was novel like.its like the 2014 San Antonio Spurs (The Wire) vs the 2013 Miami Heat (the Sopranos).**yup I just made a sports reference that PB and GF will not understand.
he's always spider to me:
I don't get the people that watch professional golf tournaments and yell stuff immediately post swing/teeshot like "GO IN THE HOLE!".
also speaking of haircuts.... I was playing discgolf with some buddies and it was near the long island sound and someone lost a disc in the thick long/tall assed reeds. the weeds/reeds were in some parts over 8feet tall. it was like walking through a corn maze. afterwards people started to notice fucking ticks on their bodies.... i got so paranoid I went home took a hot shower had the wife inspect my whole body and my head, but my thick mane of black hair (I hadn't had...
could be anyone from twilight right?
for me it can be flattering to be objectified by women, but then again that's not really a good comparison... you have to experience it from somewhere/someone you want no part of to get the full experience.In collage I was part of a 4 day photo/video shoot for a beauty pageant at a beach resort.I figured I could maybe get lucky with one of the candidates so I volunteered to be a lackey who'd carry bags and equipment. The whole operation was run by the local gay mafia...
I just hope Lawson isn't Vin Baker alcoholism level.
houston we might have hooch problem....
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