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I know how it can actually happen: [[SPOILER]]
Bosh could just be an asshole and kill the Heat potential dynasty for good by leaving for houston. why not, home state, still the same 0 income tax, true MAX salary, and actually a contender anyway.its like when the drummer or base player quits a superstar laden rock band, on the surface it might seem like no big deal and the band can continue being awesome/successful, but more often than naught it ends up sinking the band anywayalso remember Chris Bosh used to be pretty...
its like a semi-bad fantasy player auction only ITS REAL LIFE YO!it sounds like an "over pay" but he's a center who can shoot and doesn't have one leg shorter than the other, and isn't kendrick perkins so the going rate for anything else is near 10million a year.
x-post from USA thread but relevant for today: I get surprisingly patriotic whenever I hear this:
the times Tony goes hero-ball and isn't pulled by coach Pop it seems like its by design: where Pop says "fuck it... take over!" and lets parker run 5 pick and rolls in 24 second sets just to get free to slash to the hole for a floater/pull up jumper.then the defense gets tired keeping up with parker and then they go back to slash and kick to mix it up.
Parker has the multi-facitied ability to run a system offense, run an offense by himself when it breaks down, and also look for his own shot. winning isn't everything, but barely playing 30min/game (29.4min/game this season) is the reason his stats don't stack up per game average. But if you just look at his per 36min/game numbers then you can see he's up there with the other guys in an over-all sense.if parker was playing like 35min and given free reign he'd have the...
another way to sign him is to just overpay him for 2 or three years (three years if you want to use him as an expiring contract bargaining chip for trade/sign and trade).Cleveland should just probably offer Lance Stephenson like 45mill/3years or maybe hayward like 36mill/two years and see if it sticks.
my wife has this friend, who is french (grew up affluent and privileged in Paris), and they have a weird relationship. they rag on each other like a couple of racist bostonians. they don't even need alcohol to start up on each other. a snippet of a recent conversation during lunch: french friend: I'm going to Jakarta for a vacation, I've always found it interesting. wife: fuuuck you, you just want to be the only white person there and have asians fawn over you french...
from what I've seen he reminds me of a young (like duke freshman young) Grant Hill.
in college the intramural games were always taken way too seriously - softball was a round robin format and sometimes the finals were a "twice to beat" if one team was undefeated in the round robin stage. it was always such a pain to explain to my teammates what that meant.also even in the NFL there's the wildcard which can theoretically let teams with .500 records or even fucking losing records into the playoffs.another thing that pisses me off about soccer complaints...
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