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sure it does. I bet you $100,000 that the tuck rule would've been called a fumble in Oakland.See!
I would bet $100,000 that the "incomplete" pass Dez caught would've been ruled a catch if the game was played in Denver. In a larger sense it was Dallas' fault for losing stupid games at home and costing themselves home field advantage/favorable matchups.
I think there is one, or used to be one in Manila. I always felt bad for the male waitstaff there because it looked like close cropped crew cut haircuts were required. I remember walking buy the one in Union Square and looking in to see if all the dudes had crewcuts/shaved heads.
I was off yesterday and spent the whole day outside. It was fucking cold as shit (fucking windy too) but still I ran 5miles early morning, played a round disc golf with buddies, ate a nice ruben sandwich outside, brought the dogs to the park for an hour, then went for a walk with my wife by nighttime. I'm really happy that the sun is setting later too. Also the snow isn't sloppy yet, its actually nice and dry so you're feet/hands/ect don't get wet.
Dirty Slush Machine Provides Children In Florida Taste Of Winter
maybe they're similar to the sugar free haribo gummi bears? I heard those are dentally frightful if somewhat gastrointestinally delightful...
ever notice this guy is in everything?
my 2014 picture/video compilation video thats on Facebook is of fried chicken, my dog(s), and some anti-obama meme that I was tagged in by a friend who's a right wing nut.
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