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its a weird paradox about cites and the burbs here in the USA probably. D.C. is like bike heaven, especially with those rental bike stations. I remember even back in the summer 2011 I saw hundreds if not thousands of those red bikes everywhere and it was everyone: tourists, commuters, students, and random locals just having fun puttering around the capitol area right in the middle of the streets and the cars were doing just fine, because its hard to get above 30mph...
for commuting purposes, and things like grocery trips you really do have to figure out the route beforehand, but after that its actually so easy to ride in NYC. you'd be surprised at the amount of basically empty streets there are to ride to you destination in (even during rush hours).my wife and I would bike from williamsburg to brooklyn bridge park to the ferry to governors island almost every free weekend during the summer. we'd pack a picnic and everything. ...
If you really want to stay in Jersey just move to Hoboken bro! Thats like a 20min commute* *it really isn't... since its so close to manhattan it'll be a clusterfuck of commuters down stream filling the train and then you squeezing in japanese style.My wife refused do the 40min drive to/back from Stamford to Brooklyn (which would've been actually surprisingly easy because of the reverse rush hour traffic) so she braved the L Train, transfer to Grand Central, then Metro...
the worst fucking part about the Yellow "champion winner" tab? the Oklahoma Thunder get to sport one
did bloomindales have any of those beautiful black bodied mannequins unclothed?
the one candy I miss from asia (and apparently Europe too) is this: its basically a cup of coffee (hard strong coffee too) with 4 sugars - in candy form.
lance isn't as tall or have the same jump out of the roof ups, but he has the same "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK... IMA GOING TO THE HOLE HARD" fearlessness when attacking the basket.. also lance seems to have a better mental defensive game in the same way ron artest knew what to do defensively instinctively.damn i just lumped Lance with Sprewell AND Metta... I will record all Charlotte games next season.
fire up some Michael Kay show ESPN NY radio archives from the ESPN Radio App on a large speaker... you'll be going 20 knots easy...
BOLD PREDICTION... Lance spreads his wings and turns into Latrell Sprewell (the good version when Latrell was actually an ALL NBA Team Talent not the MOUTHS TO FEED, or IMA GONA HAVE TO CHOKE A COACH Latrell). edit: HOLY SHIT i forgot how awesome Spree was
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