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"I think I'm much more humble than you understand" - Donald Trump ^i want to find a time machine just to re-enroll into high school and use that as my yearbook quote.
Driving in Nashville isn't as stop and go traffic as it is in the northeastern cities..it's smooth enough of a drive that I can eat a breakfast sandwich/burrito easily while driving a manual transmission into the city. Today there was a lot of highway construction and it was stop and go traffic galore and my wife immediately knew the situation so she fed me the breakfast burrito while I reacquainted myself with constant use of the clutch.
Those timeouts are actually mandated TV timeouts. They happen systematically twice in the middle of every quarter. After dead balls at the 3 and 6min marks. They will never get rid of those because $$$$$$$$$$ Teams rarely use their actual timeouts unless huge score swing, injury, play call ect. So an nba game will be 3hrs no matter what with half time and 8 mandatory tv timeouts, halftime, ect. It's like football now.
Pop can start hacking shitty free throw shooters in the beginning and middle of quarters instead. It's like when analytics showed that it's theoretically better to have your best relievers in earlier innings (like the 7th) rather than wasting his talents waiting until the 9th. This eventually started happening in baseball where closers frequently go in the 8th inning now, or richer/smarter teams have two top quality closers come in starting in the 7th inning.
I went to the Rick Barnes camp when he still coached at Providence College. I got to do some basketball tricks for Barnes and Eric Murdock to earn $$$$$ after dinner, I can spin a basketball on my finger and do the thing where I bounce it off my head/knee/arm/. My final trick was spinning it then hitting it off my arm, then my knee, then my head and catching it on my finger and keep on spinning. Murdock and Barnes were legit impressed and bought me and room mates a...
baseball is weird, there is actually a precedence of hitters (especially contact/high average hitters having great seasons towards the end of their careers).case in point. ted williams during his last season in 1960 at the age of 41 (he also missed 3 years in his prim serving in the war as a fighter pilot)http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/w/willite01.shtmlalso tony gwynn:http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/g/gwynnto01.shtmlweirdly papi's player comparison is...
I was skeptical about fat Axl for the GnR concert but damn he went over 2.5hrs straight no breaks. Steve Adler did a two song cameo! it was mostly Lies and Appetite and the illusion songs they did play like November Rain were done perfectly. I got super nostalgic. slash is this band's MVP, just solo after awesome solo. the Nashville crowd was wild and standing dancing and singing along the whole damn time. I was mostly surprised by Axl's willingness to please the crowd...
I didn't say illusions were bad, it's just that they are basically Meatloaf-Bon Jovi epic ballad EPs. I like the blues/metal-y dirty sexy dangerous drugs-y stuff from Lies and Appetite.also I'm happy that my dwarf peach tree is bearing fruit. hopefully they're good.
I bought tickets for the Guns N Roses concert tomorrow. I was watching some old GnR videos on youtube and I'm seriously afraid I'm going to break out in belly laughs when pudgy old assed Axl Rose starts doing his swivel/snake dance. Also I hate all GnR music after Lies. Still I'm excited and my 9-12y/o self is giddy to see if Axle pulls some shenanigans that cause a riot.
^its ok, Steph Curry will show loyalty and will take less money so they can resign KD, just like Wade did for the Heats OH WAIT
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