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^I get what you mean about overly complicated, especially with hydraulic systems. but from my experience the mechanical non hydraulic disc brakes (I've used the Avid BB5 and BB7 mechanical road brakes) are actually even more simple than regular pivot (and especially cantilever) breaks to set up and service.After learning how to do all the bike maintenance stuff myself over the past 5 years installing brakes (from my wife's single pivots on her early 80's era lotus to...
whahaaaaaaaaaat?! they closed the one off metropolitan?!I never ate there. either i was afraid of the bushwick project people spillover.
^maryland...?! eeeeeeeewwww- too quasi southern/new jersey/philly-y/north eastern/in-Stichy/lacrosse-y
if you get bit by the bug it can be addicting. if you have any racquet sport/baseball/ball golf background the similarities in the swing is similar (especially when throwing far).I went full geek (expensive DG specific backpack, play tournaments, have a group of friends who seriously play) and I'm not proud of it but decided I needed something less scary in terms of potential injuries because an alarming number friends who are in their mid 30's who play softball, soccer,...
when I was in Nashville I hung out with a lot of cool southern cats. they assumed that since I was born in Boston, spoke like a northerner, and lived most my life in liberal bastions of the North East and Bay Area CA that I was a "yankee". I explained that in my native Philippines I'm from the South, which has its own dialect and often has legitimate animosity to Filipino northerners who live in the capitol region, speak the official "national language" (which is just...
dafuk? at least make a 90's reference about how Jerry actually changes out the pant size tag on his jeans to 32in.
doesn't APC still have "vanity sizing" ?
^I had that same breakfast 3 days in a row: two sweet potato pancakes, glazed baked apple slices, topped off with pulled pork and a fried egg + hashbrowns. jesus If I move to Nashville (which was very very nice) I'm going to be fucking obese within a year.
I was in Nashville last week and it was nice. Really really nice. But the thing I'm happy about? I thought I lost my phone for a good 24hours. The last time I remember using it was in the rental car. I gave this regular looking dude/beggar for money a dollar. The wife saw and she was convinced that he probably pick pocketed my phone. Went back to the rental car and checked and couldn't find it - was stressed by this asian family who wanted my parking spot (even...
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