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I found an iPhone at the park in the middle of a big lawn yesterday. I ask around and no one claims it. Luckily there's no passcode lock so I call the 1st number on call history and this dude answers and he's annoyed and asking who I am and why I have her phone (I'm getting a jealous latino boyfriend vibe) while I'm trying to explain that I found his damn GF's phone. Eventually he tells me what she looks like/what she's wearing and I find her about 10min later, but...
I've never seen a full sized Hershey's Krackel candy bar.
you'd never be depressed if you had the capacity to lick your own balls. he has Redundantia Lingua privilege.
I don't get why commenters on ESPN during breaking news articles (which are evolving by the minute) like to jump right in and complain about grammatical errors, or the fact that the story is only 5 sentences long - when within 15-30min the story will be edited and expanded.
thats central casting for boardwalk empire.side note... when I lived in brooklyn they did some shooting for boardwalk empire right on my street everyone was excited but it was just a van with three cameras on top that drove through twice - they later added dirt streets, snow, horses and carriages and model t fords with CGI in post production a lot cooler though was some shooting for The Americans (which is supposedly set in Washington DC but is like 95% shot in brooklyn...
the joke was it was a symbolic Fossil watch.
whats sad is how damn corrupt the last Player's Union head was: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/story/21571002/the-evidence-speaks-for-itself-union-head-hunter-has-to-go "The law firm investigating the union since April 2012, of course, tackled the well-known practice of Hunter, 70, employing multiple family members at the union and doing business on the union's behalf with entities controlled by other family members and friends. This was not the news; the NBPA's nepotism...
chicago's flexibility is actually great: http://hoopshype.com/salaries/chicago.htmalthough Rose is still on the books for two more years, Noah is expiring next year, and Gasol (who took less money than the Lakers offered him) is a expiring next year with a player option in 2015/2016 at a super duper cheap (for a center who still is productive) $7.7 million.if carmelo would've signed with the bulls - basically only rose and carmelo would've been on the books in 2015. from...
AR-BY is a phonic play on R-B which is short for Roast Beef.
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