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nah way man, you can easily get squirrelly with a 911 on PCH you could die bro! seriously there's no center barrier a lot of the time and 911's are so damn easy to fishtail right into oncoming traffic if you start getting frisky with it.
Looks like the snow might be finally subsiding followed by lots sun and of high 30°F temps. It means lots of mud but it's better than black ice. This was a shitty winter and could've been worse if I lived near Boston but I was super active regardless. Any day I had off I was outside doing fun stuff. I didn't even get super pale rather am tanned Latino judging on how many people directly speak Spanish to me.
the same thing happened to the Philippines, but it seems like the anger/resentment blew over super quick and was quickly forgotten within an generation.There was a some old WWII Japanese soldiers who actually never went back to Japan and refused to stop fighting in the Jungles of the Philippines until waaaaay after the war was finished. there's a weird thing happening over the last 20 years on the Philippines where tons Korean nationals are migrating over and really...
man doc rivers putting in big baby davis and hedo turkoglu AND austin rivers in crunch time line ups.... holy shit this was a coaching loss... hack a deAndre worked too! lol what a game
idfnl is the SF NBA Threk's patent troll, except he's never created any patents and more emphasis on the troll.
fuck you asshole, because of this I quickly fell into an internet rabbit hole that ended here:
they do have the Derrick Rose provision now though... so if someone line Anthony Davis can be locked up to a max contract earlier and both parties agree then all is good...they really should probably re-name that particular provision though.... then again the Larry Bird "rights" or provision is was started to have star players be able to stay with their team (SALARY CAP BE DAMMED!) and the reality was that Bird was pretty much a broken down player on his last legs. maybe...
No Experience Necessary With a straight face, rookie Glenn Robinson asked the Milwaukee Bucks for $100 million^the funny part is that the league almost imploded (from both players and teams) after this and Robinson ended up signing a 10 year $68 million dollar contract that had him actually probably undervalued and underpaid by the time he got out of it (because he was above average then and basketball was mirroring baseball with wild huge contracts). If he just waited a...
there's a popular disc golf disc color - chartreuse.... lots o' people, including moi, mistake this to be a shade of red for some reason end up disappointed when their online disc golf disc order arrives and see what color chartreuse actually is.
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