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I love watching spring break barely legal's doing their thangs!
sometime's the hype overshadows the actual game result. its happened before against the celtics, that epic Michael Jordan 63pt game in the playoffs... Bulls still lost that game to Celtics*. *Jordan did go on to become the greatest NBA Player ever though... , and was already on a trajectory to that point by 1986.... He just had to endure demoralizing playoff series losses to those 80's celtics and late 80's-early 90's pistons.... kind of like how teams in the east have...
its funny because Luke Walton was salty, even though the lakers are so obviously tanking and Swaggy was being typically bitchy after what looked like a normal hard foul.I bet Walton is just acting angry to take attention away from the tanking.
yeah he meant that he could hire sketchy Los Dodgers Fans and trick them into thinking opposing players are SF Giants fans/Players!
when asked how much his new contract is worth, Jason Pierre-Paul held up both and said "Eighty Milion!!!"
with all the ESPN Lebron and Warriors dick riding and North East Media Bias (CELTICS LEGIT CHIP CONTENTERS AFTER ONE WIN)... the NON ALTERNATE FACTS: the celtics have actually been kind of slumping and wizards have sneaked into that #2 eastern conference spot.
if the celtics and warriors are the finals... i guess warriors having home court against the celtics is a disadvantage
After I got a car in Brooklyn, I actively avoided the subway and bus and either rode my bike or drove to work/everywhere! Once you figure the routes, which often* had bike lanes, biking is so damn fast and the exercise was a plus!williamsburg to midtown was 25min and to UWS 55min on a bike. I figured out just to chill and ride at a glacial non stressful pace, obey traffic rules, and take in the scenery. Once you do that riding in NYC is super easy.*hell you can ride from...
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