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my older brother, who in older brother fashion is taller/darker/more athletic/mom's favorite child, also plays bass.Naturally he reaped the benefits of being in a band/athletic* and would do this move where he plays the bass eyes closed while making duck lips which I thought looked fucking stupid but will admit the females in the audience seemed to love. He often would perform his duck lipped bass playing duties shirtless.in his 40's he now plays bass in his church's...
Miami's playoff hopes are goneCeltics-Cavs first-round schedule
Also the modern day Warhol isn't banksy. It's Murakami. The guy had a louie Vuitton store right in the middle of his art show and also a ghetto swap meet outside of the building selling "fake" louie Vuitton bags
"I miss pre 2004 Damian Hirst."
I just found out a friend died in a motorcycle accident last Sunday really close to my house. He was one of those new friends you never really think you'll make as an adult, we'd randomly see each other at the dog park (our dogs seemed like love playing together), talk baseball (we'd rag on each other since he was a rabid yankee fan and me a redsox fan), and even went to a couple redsox yankee games at yankee stadium (once meeting there randomly by chance). Dude was only...
if you look at the past nba champions, you'll see that there still seems to be a trend to have a select few teams that actually won championships.tis basically the spurs, bulls, lakers, celtics with a some 3 time and two time champions sprinkled in. Mind you this spans even the modern era with a 30 team league.wilt still lost to teams that may have actually not as been as talented as his too.... that 1973 finals loss (with Jerry West and that stacked lakers squad) to the...
the take away from this episode is that french-canadian women are fucking crazy and you should never marry one.
I think its weird that wilt chaimberlain won only two championships. there's the weird dichotomy in the nba where 99% of the time need a superstar if you want to win a championship, but a transcendent player like Wilt still got beat by better teams. I hope lebron isn't going to be like wilt, and only actually end up with two chips. Its not like wilt didn't try to change his game to become a better team player.... he did, but there seemed to be another team that was...
they can just put opt out clauses into the third/fourth year of their contract to reap the benefits of a new salary cap and still remain "loyal" to the team if ever the shit hits the fan and there's a strike/lockout or god forbid a career ending injury in the near future. if they have career high numbers they opt out an get paid even more.
its logical to think that the move to SF would make the "hard core" fan base lamer, but it might turn out like the Giants move to PacBell/ATT where they seem to get the best of both worlds having a cool stadium in a beautiful setting in the middle of the city and still retain a decent hard core fan base. then again Candlestick was pretty inhospitable for baseball fans even in the middle of july.
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