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I was walking around the old neighborhood today. it was very "Manton" weather. I saw an old friend and he and I tossed around a baseball for about 20min and I was DRENCHED in a "Northeast soupy humidity" sweat.
I'm weirdly changing my stance on StubHub though... I end up using them a lot for sporting events -they don't charge extra fees anymore after purchasing, they price they post is the price you pay - which seems like a simple/elegant way to do things that takes the anger out of paying $100 over list price for Bruins playoff tickets.
the red sox used to have a "will call" option that was nice because it was free, you get an actual old world printed out ticket, all you needed to do was bring the credit card and an ID, and the will call stations are usually empty and have direct access to stadium entry. now you have to pay for the will call option.the yankees have will call too, but it sucked because it was the yankees and yankee stadium and yankee fans.
cathay pacific had these coach seats that would "recline" but actually only just slip forward where you can recline, but you end up just using the space in front of you and virtually no space behind you. it was a good idea in theory, but didn't actually work in practice.
^ I can kind of understand, but its a total dick move. its like if someone one was theoretically my 50yo asian jewish man with an afro was my theoretical creepy roommate who charged me $1 on the backend to cover his charges for using an online payment method in lieu of being theoretically too lazy to cash a check.
you can see the filipino in him?^that motherfucker could be Manny Pacquiao's brother.
also pissing me off? I was trying to pay off my final bill for my old ATT cable account (it had like $5.00 on it) and was informed by the phone rep that paying by phone will cost me $5. jesus ATT charges $5 to pay a bill by live phone rep? lol
you can totally prescribe things like opiate based painkillers to immediate family. the stats of what you prescribe will follow you though, so serial/large purchases can be red flagged. it depends on the pharmacy's system and is the pharmacist's call if he/she thinks you're abusing it. before the centralized/computerized stats though it was the wild west (my mom likes to talk about how anyone could just write out prescriptions and not worry about it... like how she was...
I sat at the counter at the local cheap diner and watched them cook my brunch (bacon/eggs/hashbrowns) with what looked like 1/2 cup of lard.
wait so hot sticky uncomfortable summer decides to show up just now? Its actually not even that bad (high 80's/low 90's) but I'm in total dread that since this summer in the north east was mild, will we get another epically bad winter? If its going to be that bad I might as well move to maine or something... its the same thing anyway.
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