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Dogs eating newborn baby and mother....it's ok..... dire wolf killed....OH NO THEY DIDNT
Wierd faint rotting smell in the master bedroom. Thorough search and clean of bead room (nothing remarkable). Went down into the house's crawl space dreading to find a decomposing animal, or worse - the former owner's potential murder victim only to find nothing.
I remember when I got a legit deep fryer (maybe 3 years ago). It was there I realized that making proper french fries from scratch is incredibly labor intensive . You have to fucking cut up the potatoes, soak them in sugared ice water for a couple of hours (or freeze them over night), then fry them in peanut oil, wait another 20-45min, then fry them again.or you could go to the local fast food place, and spend $1.50 for perfect fries.
yellow don't mellow?asian don't raisin?
I was on HBO-Go and thought Lemonade was a Mad Max-like dystopian future thriller/action movie/series coming soon.
Pippen on defense was like Kawhi AND draymond green. There were times pippen guarded patrick ewing and other centers like alonzo mourning but also would check whomever team's star was too (so that meant guarding anyone from pointguards, 2guards, forwards, ect). remember when Pippen checked john stockton AND karl malone in the finals (during crunchtime). plus he was expected to score 20pts, get 5-10reb, steals, and assists on top of that. thats what made those 2nd 3peat...
Ok I've found good pizza in Nashville... it requires going to a fucking busy assed hipster-ish weekend farmers market, but so be it. Also there's great, Mexican, Columbian, Vietnamese and Thai food only a 15min drive away, but is in one of the more ghetto parts of Nashville.
Derric Fisher PLAYER COACH.
the abrupt invasiveness of getting unwanted instant messages when you accidentally turn your facebook chat on.
so they're russian?
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