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He was at least shaking right? He's always shaking.
there's this old distant friend who is having a Facebook meltdown about the Patriots deflated ball controversy of all things. he hates the patriots and its actually threatening other people (who at first innocently would joke around with each insane new post and devolved into a full trolling). I thought the last Obama election was bad apparently some inane sports "controversy" is what really set him off.
SA = Sexual Abuse (always horrific to see on pediatric case charts).
I'm disappointed. I wish the patriots wouldn't resort to such tactics. so I guess what I really have to say is this: [[SPOILER]]
its going to be easy to do a sign and trade with either kevin love or trade kyrie irving if Lebron/GM decides thats a good course of action. the cavs have kevin love's larry bird rights correct? then they ask love where he wants to go (example lakers) and sign him to that max contract and demand the moon with a trade. hell they could fool the lakers and/or knicks into throwing that top 5 draft pick to do it. what would be interesting is if they do the sign and trade...
its raining steadily and its also in the 30F range. so much invisible ice. I had to descend my stairs like an old woman (sideways step by step) because it was just that clear thin ice that is obscured by the rain and impossible to shovel/scrape off. too much rain to use salt. I ended up taking a cab/train to work... thank god there was a random cab slowly driving by at 6am.
my wife has this big business trip planned for early April. by happenstance I have two old college buddies who'll be off at that time an in NYC so we all planned a road trip since its pretty far ahead it was thankfully pretty easy to clear schedules to get about 3-4 days straight off. It was one of those times where the stars alined...of course the wife has to be a wet blanket about it [[SPOILER]]
also super confusing was the 2012 AFC Championship Pats Ravens game where the ravens receiver caught a pass in the end zone looked like he had it and took two steps and was swatted out and it was called an incomplete pass. watching it in real time it looked like an incomplete pass but the slow mo replays made it look like a totally legit catch/completion/TD.
New Posts  All Forums: