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I didn't realize that I had all three days off this holiday weekend. I'm going to sleep, sleep, eat, and maybe read for pleasure (something I haven't done in years).
^my favorite are lakers' fans who don't understand that the NBA has a salary cap and start saying things like, next year we'll have kobe and Kevin Love and maybe can trade for Russell Westbrook and convince Lebron to come over so Kobe + Westbrook and Lebron with K-Love = Lakers 2016 NBA Champions baby!
yes if done correctly they're awesome.wallmart is weird, I want to hate it, but find myself going back there to buy shit all the time. I always time it right though by going in the middle of the week in the middle of the morning when no one is in there.also if its busy (when there are lots of people who can walk but still use those motorized carts) I go in through the garden center get my stuff then pay at the garden center's registers. no one parks in that area and its...
I finally ate at the local indian food spot and ordered the chicken vindaloo and tikka marsala. The owner eyed me while ordering and decided to give me spice level southeast asian on the vindaloo - which meant that for the first 5min of the meal I was in a flop sweat and almost gave up because I couldn't feel my face. Things subsided and my tastebuds regained function. The tikka marsala + garlic nan gave me food-gasms.
There's equal enough reason to fire doc rivers then to keep him. Rivers should at least fire the GM.
Go-Karting is a million times funner than paintball. I've done the "serious" go-karts too where you have to wear a firesuit and helmet and there's a real chance of a dangerous accident. That was pretty fun but there is a weight to power ratio that no amount of driving expertise can overcome, so losing a race those scrawny 12yo fuckers who haven't hit puberty* is annoying. *also included are thin women and small asians
how the fuck do my wife and I manage to fill the entire recycling and trash bins every week? most of my neighbors with kids actually had to buy extra recycling bins from the city to deal with the amount of trash/recycling. what the fuck, I thought being less wasteful was a trend that was going to be permanent in the early 90's.
Y'all acting like Betty draper Francis when her son traded her sandwich for a bag of candy.
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