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^remember when you thought you could save a TON on car insurance?
I used to do the wall mounts to hang bikes but eventually got a Minoura P600AL-4 stand. I got it at ModernBike.com last year i think during a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for under $150... its pricey but still very convenient and space saving (because you can jam the bikes right into a corner of a room. I also scoured craigslist and found one of those nice regular stacked two Thule bike stands for $40.Westechester and Fairfield County CT is a gold mine for cheap...
I think it was a little more than two years ago that I ate Southern Fast Food daily for a whole week during the epic Brooklyn to Key West road trip: [[SPOILER]] It was the first time in my life I felt heartburn but my hotel was within walking distance of a CookOut and its 1am and I felt like a large milkshake and some chicken tenders was a good idea.
$10 luxury lunch?seriously though, just save a portion (I do around 20%) of income automatically/beforehand and then spend the rest guilt free.
does this mean Jenny Dell is back on the sidelines for NESN?!side note... heidy wantey (the blonde former NESN sideline eye candy) is wicked tall, like 5'11" and she'd wear heels. She was towering when I sat near/at the sidelines at games from 2007-2010.after Jenny Dell was confirmed to be having the sechs and relations with Middlebrooks they moved her and her bewbs in studio...then bucked the recent NESN trend of female eye candy sideline reporters for a dude
XMAS is coming a little early for Red Sox fans....
does he talk like Chris Mullin?
My best roommate experiences all involved really great cleaning ladies.
more stories are coming out. someone who drank 5 shots of that shit did a front flip over the fire pit and barely made it out. he had glowing tinder in his long flowing blond hair and I woke up instantly swatted the glowing tinder out of his hair, then laid back down and slept.I only had two shots... never drink peruvian moonshine from a russian guy who arrived from Lima that morning.
New Posts  All Forums: