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extra trash can at the side of my house had the top blown off it and I never bothered to find/buy another top. It filled up with snow over the winter and I go over tip it over and out pours 20 gallons snow melt, leaves, and a dead/drowned squirrel along with its almost rotting stew.
I don't get why people that do have bluetooth/wifi in their car still will use a cellphone w/ bluetooth the old fashion way and put the phone against their head while conversing increasing their chance of cashing into a car full of children and maiming them or worse having a car crash scenario where your penis is severed/crushed permanently.
maybe pay a visit to Conne's inner circle?
"When I signed with the Lakers, I had big dreams of lifting the fans up and lighting this city on fire," Nash wrote.
o boy. looks like durant may be out for the whole season including playoffs.
I unfortunately watched a lot of lakers this year because I had Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer on my fantasy team Byron Scott may actually be under secret orders to tank. The organization is fucked if they get higher than a 5 pick in the lottery (because they lose it in a trade). What I noticed about Scott is that he'll purposely take veteran players out if they get hot so if Jeremy Lin scores like 8pts in a row and dishes out 3 nice dimes, he'll be benched for half...
I'm happy its not 79F here. I swamp ass easily.
took the dogs to the park yesterday. it was the end of the day an hour before sunset and I'm pulling alongside it, and the dogs are just staring and panting giddy as shit and I look over and see why - most of the snow has finally fucking melted and cleared out exposing lots of grass acreage. I pull in open the door and they started running wild and free.
if kyrie averages 50pts/game from here on out they definitely have a chance at making eastern conference finals.
the best case scenario for Achillies Rupture repair and recovery is Dominique Wilkins who didn't really lose that much quickness, vertical leap, and explosiveness after a horrific complete achilles rupture (same scenario, he was just dribbling, no contact, then pulled up lame) he came back about a year after surgery to the hawks and pretty much didn't miss a beat averaging 30pts/game. here are some of his highlights post surgery: and jesus he was still getting...
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