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My work wife used to be a lesbian Indian woman and my boss a huge gay man who we called mamma bear (he was the equivalent of a work mom)..
"I used to be in the business. That's what we called it." - FALCON
I want to troll now by saying: "I paid $1500 to have my tranny fluid completely removed, I think is a good deal because they also changed my oil filters and window wiping juice!"
I fell down the hellhole of internet car forums in my research on my upcoming 40,000 mile car service. Dudes can almost be as bad as mom/dog owners [on internet forums] when it comes to immediate extreme anger/aggressive responses. Replacing transmission fluid is almost as hot of a topic as breastfeeding or using shock collars.
I'd bet $5,000 that the dragon queen's bush is blonde.
I didn't realize that I had all three days off this holiday weekend. I'm going to sleep, sleep, eat, and maybe read for pleasure (something I haven't done in years).
^my favorite are lakers' fans who don't understand that the NBA has a salary cap and start saying things like, next year we'll have kobe and Kevin Love and maybe can trade for Russell Westbrook and convince Lebron to come over so Kobe + Westbrook and Lebron with K-Love = Lakers 2016 NBA Champions baby!
yes if done correctly they're awesome.wallmart is weird, I want to hate it, but find myself going back there to buy shit all the time. I always time it right though by going in the middle of the week in the middle of the morning when no one is in there.also if its busy (when there are lots of people who can walk but still use those motorized carts) I go in through the garden center get my stuff then pay at the garden center's registers. no one parks in that area and its...
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