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I sat at the counter at the local cheap diner and watched them cook my brunch (bacon/eggs/hashbrowns) with what looked like 1/2 cup of lard.
wait so hot sticky uncomfortable summer decides to show up just now? Its actually not even that bad (high 80's/low 90's) but I'm in total dread that since this summer in the north east was mild, will we get another epically bad winter? If its going to be that bad I might as well move to maine or something... its the same thing anyway.
this sounds like a very "millennial" complaint.just kidding... if they say morning. then go ahead a pick a time (for example 10:00am) and go with it. if they then dick you around then choose a different time you have an initial clue that they might be difficult to deal with.
NYC (especially the boroughs) is weird when it comes to prices.. like your car get a flat and just go to the local tire shops on metropolitan street and get if fixed in 10min for like $10. But then you have local bodega $3 avocados
have you not followed claire dane's eyes throughout her whole career?
I keep on experiencing police in their extremes: sometimes they are being totally cool and the next minute they are giving me bogus parking tickets (this time the police officer actually jogged away from me and jumped in his car and sped off ) while I tried to show him the beach/parks pass right on my dashboard that he conveniently failed to see. it must be quota season again for them. at least its easy to appeal the ticket online and all the other ones I've gotten...
97% of Cormac McCarthy novels/movies contain: - desert, ranches, or setting with lots of dirt/dust (like a dystopian future ravaged by calamity) - white guy falling in love with a hot latina woman - something tragic happening to said latina woman - scary latino crime bosses with impeccable taste in architecture and material items - horrible sadistic violence and/or rape - hopelessness - long monologues about life - sad endings
I grew up in a place that was affluent, and in that there were super wealthy, but some still had fucked up family/work/stress problems all the same. Then I lived in the Philippines for a while and saw extreme 3rd world poverty (there is a real difference between what constitutes "poor" in countries like the USA and Canada compared to real 3rd world poverty). the weird way to live is in those places like lets say, Brazil or the Philippines, or Mexico where you have such...
the thing with weezer is even their light pop inspired music is actually dense and very noisy. its like eating croissants, they seem light and fluffy, but are actually butter ladened and sit heavy in the stomach.
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