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It's great but a stressful watch every episode so far.It's like they combined all stressful parts of the HBO dramas, like OZ*, The Wire, 1st season True Detective, and a little Monk/SVU/House of Cards.*yup you worry about seeing prison rape/beating/degradation a lot Also I found it funny that the Caucasian actor who plays the pharmacist was also the guy who played a southern Bombay Indian scientist parody character in short circuit and gets his steroids side effects and...
it was a perfect confluence of wife getting a huge job offer in Nashville, and then me also easily getting one once we started looking at houses in Nashville. we don't really have any direct family in the North East anymore (parents retired back to the Philippines) so we decided to move. Now she's getting job offers in NYC, Boston, and North Carolina and thinking out loud about maybe moving.I guess the time to do these kind of moves is still ok while we're still in our...
So I'm fully situated here in Nashville, house is in order, even have a great new group of friends I can hang with, and now my wife starts semi-jokingly chiming in that she doesn't like it here and maybe want to move back east and I know that semi-jokingly means she probably means it. I don't think we'd have any trouble selling this house (Nashville real estate is bonkers right now), and frankly I'd love to move back north east, but the old house in CT is being rented...
I was cheap so I dubbed my friends older brother's AIC jar of flies CD over a TDK tape. only I forgot that I had NWA Straight outta Comtpon dubbed onto the tape so whenever I listened to Jar of Flies there was random FUCK THE POLICE and whatnot playing softly in the background.
when I'm worn out and working with no sleep but still have to opportunity to take a quick shower, change, and freshen up before walking into the wards I hear:"I'm looking california, feeling minnesota"
Pumpkins were grunge?! they're proto emo.
80's era showtime Lakers and 80's era Playboy Inc. would've been a jersey sponsorship (and Laker Girls sponsorship tie-in) match made in heaven.
I hated when Jorge Posada and Andy Pettit would have like 10 mound meetings in the same inning. I think Posada had more distance covered in his career doing his slow ass jog up to the mound compared to running on bases.
11:30pm let dogs out for evening walk, one of them (they ghey Boston Terrier) gets skunked.
"Kings are proud to be sponsored by Flesh Light!" -vlade divac
New Posts  All Forums: