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i've had to pull two ticks off my body in the past week. one was on my hip - that I noticed while showering, and the other was on my upper back. the one on my back was a bitch to get off, I pulled most of it off but the head/mouth was still in me like a pesky splinter to which my wife had to get tweezers to pull out.
this sounds like a syndrome suffered by prisoners who are in the process of reacclimatizing to normal civilization. [[SPOILER]]
that was literally a syrupy drama episode of Friday Night lights with the local texas kid making good in front of his straight out of a VIAGRA commercial parents in cowboy stadium.
I was butt dialed about 11 straight times by a random number in the middle of the night. same thing.. random conversation in the background and a voicemail prompt.
october has been like summer so far here in CT/NYC. yesterday and today I had swamp ass and was doing my nighttime runs has been kind of stressful because of the humidity and 70F heat. I normally hate warm and humid weather and love fall, but I don't mind it if it reaches into late october. last winter sucked.
hey guyz! rate my fantasy team! Jeremy Lin LAL - PG,SG Lance Stephenson Cha - SG,SF LeBron James Cle - SF,PF Anderson Varejao Cle - PF,C Marc Gasol Mem - C Miles Plumlee Pho - PF,C George Hill Ind - PG,SG Jabari Parker Mil - SF Avery Bradley Bos - PG,SG Timofey Mozgov Den - C its a 16team league and full of statheads/overachieving asians/creepy caucasian IT&engineer geeks.. so I think I did pretty well. I just went with the "fuck it I'm paying a lot for lebron or...
I have worked out a deal with my local bike dealers to nix tax if I pay them cash in the past.
ok I need some ebonics translating for an encounter I had about 20min ago: [[SPOILER]]
long cage rear derailleur + compact chainrings (something like a 50-34)/or gasp: a triple chainring + cassette with a 32t in there...the triple/compact crank or long cage rear derailleur might not be feasible, so maybe just try to jam the cassette with the biggest gearing possible for your present derailleur (maybe it'll go up to a 28t... i know some shimano ultegra RDs can handle to 30t)... it makes a huge difference if you only have something narrower like a...
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