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sold. Thank you. Mods please close this thread.
^ i know its spam, but still..
that headline is confusing. i assumed it was a rich assed skier who had his own private helicopter, not a drone/toy.also *WYHI?I meant the camerawoman if no-homo, but you can also answer for the skier too if homo.
sale pending.
I'm thinking right now Thibs is the rich man's version of Mike brown, but will eventually revert into the plain old regular Mike Brown level in the next couple of years. He just doesn't have an offense and seems like too much of a hard ass to change his ways about running his main guys into the ground.
SOLD- Up for sale is a Filson 257 Briefcase in brown. Its brand new with tags and has been removed from its plastic bag for pictures only. Its in unused brand new mint condition. I bought two of these and this one is extra and has been sitting in storage. Free Shipping to CONUS. Please PM me if you would like it delivered by UPS or USPS Priority Mail (I'm shipping from NYC so one method maybe quicker/and or more desired). SOLD Price is $240 payable w/ paypal direct...
I'm pissed off about how you can be a brand new customer for cable and get these ridiculous deals (like $100/month for fully loaded cable + HBO and internet and they'll even throw up to $300 in pre paid debit cards at you) but they'll charge the non inter web savvy *elderly woman down the street $200 for an even shittier lower grade service because they can. *last year I was introducing myself to the neighbors and talked to this elderly lady neighbor and she told me about...
lakers are trying to sock up on guards who are somewhat flawed like SF members buy used common project sneakers.
top 3 nba mullets off all time: #3 #2 #1 the rare instance where an iconic NBA mullet might trick someone into thinking: "wow that actually looks good... I'm going to try pull that off" but you actually end up looking like this:
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