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really strange coz we could not simulate the case, 1 free socks only applicable for first ten pair orders can be splited and we can send you as one order as free shipping if you are still having problem we can go with e-mail and paypal
which browser do you use ?maybe you need to enable pop-up window, coz viccel try to open paypal in new window
How many socks did you try to order?
15 min before my style forum post
Want to announce you that till end of april we will apply 30% discount to all socks click for Special Spring Discount *Sorry for not replying some mails coz we had some problem in mailing system and we could not received some mails. If you are still having problem with your please pm me or send e-mail again. We will try to do our best to fix our mistake or postal faults.
we have published new web page, hope you will like it. if you have time we will be waiting for your valuable comments. Its mobile optimized too
Actually your order is quite old, we need to try checking. Have you sent an email about this case ? yes if you order more than 3 pairs tracking ID will be seen on viccel web page and you can check it from postal service.
Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. We had national holiday so it might cause little latency. We cant supply you tracking ID less than 3 pairs. If you want express delivery we can give you that option too all you need to do that sending e-mail us after making order. since 2009 we are listening you and try to supply your request and we will work on wider and longer socks too. thanks for your patience and supporting us
We have news for you, we've started special summer discount, all Viccel products will 30% discount till end of this month. Happy feet, Happy people
Hope you liked your news socks.
New Posts  All Forums: