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there are 2 options about shipping 1-Free Shipping, we use regular postal service it may depends destination postal service. If you order 3 pairs or more socks we supply tracking ID otherwise we cant. 2-Express Shipping which costs 20 usd it takes up to a week. Tracking ID is supplied.
We solved payment issues and accepting VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB and AMERICAN EXPRESS cards.In any case we are here to support you
its different issue, checking
Just wanted to inform that we progressed, bank system can accept Mastercard but Visa Card.They are working on Visa Card integration.
We solved 3d secure step but now another issue and it seems its about bank system we are waiting banks back.
There was a issue about discount but fixed that
Viccel Secure Shop is alive and accepting Credit Cards. We implemented SSL and site starts https not http so Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Credit card process is 3D Secure it give addional security. Hope you will like new experience of Viccel Secure Shop. bte we have been making lots of tests but if you face with any issue please tell us our teams working hard to fix it. thanks for your patience and support.
we are improving our payment system. will be ready in a few days as more secure and user friendly. thanks for patience
Actually its not case of size but structure of fibers, mercerized cotton more strongly elastic than merino-silk fiber. Merino-silk is much easy to wear.
really strange coz we could not simulate the case, 1 free socks only applicable for first ten pair orders can be splited and we can send you as one order as free shipping if you are still having problem we can go with e-mail and paypal
New Posts  All Forums: