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we have published new web page, hope you will like it. if you have time we will be waiting for your valuable comments. Its mobile optimized too
Actually your order is quite old, we need to try checking. Have you sent an email about this case ? yes if you order more than 3 pairs tracking ID will be seen on viccel web page and you can check it from postal service.
Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. We had national holiday so it might cause little latency. We cant supply you tracking ID less than 3 pairs. If you want express delivery we can give you that option too all you need to do that sending e-mail us after making order. since 2009 we are listening you and try to supply your request and we will work on wider and longer socks too. thanks for your patience and supporting us
We have news for you, we've started special summer discount, all Viccel products will 30% discount till end of this month. Happy feet, Happy people
Hope you liked your news socks.
Merino Wool-Silk Socks are available now. Synthetic Free Socks Fine Merino Wool 70% Pure Silk 30% Available as Mid-calf Over or Calf designs Sized Socks - Select Your Shoe Size Approximately mid-calf weight is 65 gr over the calf weight is 85gr ( weights are changing depends on size ) For now just 3 colors available but we are waiting for new color recomandations from you. Thanks
We love to receive new color offers from customers also we give name to the color as your request (Like Ashling Pink,Clemetsen Green).If you can send us color stamp we can add your offered to Viccel shop.
actually if you prefer free shipping it may take 10 days to 30 days but it depends local postal service too if you accept express shipping with additional cost it takes 2-3 days
first of thanks for your patience and feedbacksI must say that we are sending you order confirmation mail in addition to paypal mail for approving your order details and shipping address.if your order contains 3 and more socks we are supplying also register id of postal serviceexpress shipping is available too in case of your acceptance of costreceiving period depends on local postal service too some countries have very fast postal some has notwe are trying to do our best...
wish you merry christmas and happy new year we arranged special discount as a gift, this offer is limited till 21th November 2014 Discount will be applied to 100% Cotton Solid Colors Direct link to 100% Cotton Dress Socks
New Posts  All Forums: