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found your e-mail in 5 th of july and investigating the reason why left un replied.I m really sorry for not responding please give me few days I will solve the problem in any case.
thank you all we are happy to have customer like you To share this happiness with you we started a special limited offer for 2 days discount rate is %30 just click to link below http://www.viccel.com/
its really hard to show real life color in the web coz colors can be change screan to screan. Thats why we took the picture of all merino socks together to show at least color range and differences, hope this will help you.
Here are our brand new 100% Merino Wool Socks.They are much heavier(double weight) than prior version of Viccel Merino Socks.weight of socks aprox. 130 gr
Some of our customer request express shipping with accepting cost of shipping we do send.in that please send us an e-mail so we can arrange express shipping.
Thank you all for nice pictures,Actually from the day 1 in 2009 we are keep listening our customer and keep improving our products depends your valuable comments. Some of mails can t be delivered to us coz of security issue but we have direct message writing in Viccel Page under write us button so you may use this part too.Your happiness is the most importand thing for us.Discount will be applied when you use any viccel link in styleforum.
while you are selecting socks there will be indication about free socks at top and bottom of the page.after passing to paypal page you will see that one of the socks will be seen as free which is the most expensive socks in your order
Some of our customer were asking about if they can receive some free socks in their order so we have started to make free of charge the most expensive pair of socks you ordered in case of ordering 10 or more socks. Styleforum member discount will still continue.
here are new designs heavy cotton socks which are 33% thicker than regular winter weight socks hope you will like them
actually Turkey is not much cheap country in high electricity kwh prices Turkey placed in 3th in europe and fuel oil prices must be one of the highest price.the main reason for low prices and free shipping is we are the producer.there is no one between us like retailers, you are buying directly from the procuder.
New Posts  All Forums: