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im a sucker for sun dresses
well, atleast they use some good tunes =/
wu tang nas biggie blackstar blackmoon cyne eminem mf doom emanon little brother east flatbush project cru kanye(first 2 albums) the roots binary star a tribe called quest 2pac common lupe da bush babees
joe budden -pump it up
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherlockian If you could, you know, uh, just stop using those words, that'd be great... LOL, boy that was a good movie but i agree epic needs to go
(500) days of summer disctrict 9 inglorious basterds all i can think of right now
my jersery shore name is"the operation"
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS A kind member was good enough to send me an invite, but I am unable to generate any invite codes at the moment (I believe my account is too new). As soon as I can, its up for grabs for a forum member. yeah same goes for me
i have one too, just shoot me a PM and its yours
ooh so a haiku? what will i do? write haiku! well it seems i did
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