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From a google search VALENTINO #20, has two stores at the same address. Valentino Boutique for women carries the ready-to-wear Valentino line, the less expensive Miss V, accessories, handbags, jewelry, knitwear, umbrellas, beachwear (in the summer), robes and nightgowns, lingerie, knitwear, and umbrellas. Evening gowns are always feminine and there are lovely jewelled belts. Valentino for men has two lines of menswear as well as accessories, shirts, ties, socks,...
The last really great film I saw was "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," starring Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer, alongside Corbin Bernsen and an *unknown-to-me/up-and-coming* female lead.
Cheers, Doc. You're the huckleberry. Enjoyable movie, Tombstone.
[quote=paraiso;559974]The CL final was Solskjaer. Becks was alright before he married Posh. His career has been on a decline ever since. [quote] You've got Ferguson's ear on that one. There is a widespread belief, articulated by DB in his book, that Sir and Victoris did not gget along. She was a Spice Girl at the time, and they hung out with many footballers, including the Liverpool Spice Boys of the time. Sir Alex always thought the glamour lifestyle was...
G'day all, I'm tracking this jacket online and was wondering if this is an example of a 3 roll 2? Cheers.
G'day all, I'll be visiting my native Bangladesh shortly, and, having admired the many wonderful fabrics suits can be made in, am tempted to pick some up for myself, particularly those spoken of highly on these boards. For the tailors among us, I'm wondering how much fabric might be required to create a suit of size 44r? (46inch chest, 20 inch shoulders, 40 inch waist, pants 37x32) Ideally, I'd have the suit made during the course of my visit, but it might not be...
Common. Great artist, perennially stylish. Best of all, not obsessed with bling. http://www.universalmusic.nl/u_image...0609054928.jpg
Did a quick Google search on consignment shops in MD.
I agree, Boston is very expensive. Even so, Sydney is comparable, if not even more exxie. The benefits of moving to the US, which I have not delved into, includes the fantastic variety of consumer goods at prices that make me weep, higher salaries, and in the case of Boston, fantastic seafood. I also appreciate it as a seat of higher learning. Oh, and the US is the birthplace of Bruce Food Group's Louisiana Hot Sauce, and also Archie Moore's buffalo wing sauce- 2 of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I didn't know James Bond wore sandals. I think he does in at least 2 films, Octopussy, and one in which Sean Connery attends a spa retreat as part of his investigation. Not sure of the name of the latter. This is also excluding the numerous poolside sequences in various other movies.
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