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Here is another pic from a slideshow which may prove more popular, and less divisive like the other picture which appeared on this forum.
Liverpool's left side is playing poorly, intercepted backpasses and little forward thrust. There have been rumours that Riise's time is almost up, and this will only add echoes to the mix. I hope he'll be retained, because he is dangerous, but Zenden, on this showing is welcome at PSV's Philipstadion next season. Chelsea have been the better team, no doubt.
Picture taken above a friend's family condo in Penang, Malaysia, in 2004. We were there for his wedding, about 20 good friends who made the trip from Sydney, Singapore, London, Tokyo and Shanghai. Seafood dinners every night- lobster, prawns, crab at rock bottom prices, and roti prata breakfasts the morning after. Bliss. Wearing:A knockdown traveller shirt from British India ($15 Singapore dollars) and shorts from Najee (on clearance) I also wore roman sandals,...
Milan did look pedestrian, Kaka notwithstanding. Seedorf was lax in possession and Dida wore that deer-in-headlights look most of the time. His time is surely up. The 2 away goals are a concern, but United have such a swagger about their play that I could see them win at San Siro too, albeit in a low scoring game. Evra was United's biggest liability on the field during the game. Hopefully the yellow cards they have accummulated will not count them out of the...
Quote: A black wool suit and the summer sun don't mix. Learn the tricks to master the season's sand-hued alternative. http://men.style.com/details/feature...d=content_5552
Just finished Robert Ludlum's Trevayne. My effort at taking to political thrillers is at an end. From now on I'll stick to cryptozoology, like Steve Alten's MEG series, about a prehistoric giant killer shark (carcharodon magalodon) that resurfaces in modern times, as well as the Aliens/Predator novelisations. There's also my much loved non-fiction bios, especially the writings of Neil Strauss.
Has Fletch ever played fullback, particularly left fb? Kieran Richardson might have, but they can always rope in Cathcart or one of the other reserve players. Brown and O'Shea can play in the centre and at right back, with the Heinze also adept at left back and centre half. It'll be trouble is Ferguson or Richo has to play in the backline. I wonder if they can recall Phil Bardsley- or has he been transferred, not loaned?
I can't listen to the Rhapsody link as the site only caters to US ip addresses, but disco type dance music, as I know it would include Bob Sinclar/ Cerrone Danny Krivit Joey Negro DJ Disciple A lot of French House acts, Dimitri From Paris' Night at the Playboy Mansion being the most famous example, is synonymous with the use of disco beats. Notable acts include Superfunk Kojak Daft Punk- first album Try listening to some mp3 clips from these...
It gets spikier than that, with Rafa providing Milan tips on how to contain CRonaldo, thus potentially risking Fergie's hairdryer treatment. The source is TribalFootball, a shaky rumour-mongering site, but always entertaining reading. "In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Benitez said: "You need one very defensive player, strong and hard. Serginho wouldn't be right and neither would Marek Jankulowski be ideal, while Kakha Kaladze lacks speed. I spoke about this...
Former Milan coach Alberto Zaccheroni has written an article for the Observer in the UK, republished in today's Guardian, on how Milan line-up, and what their strengths and weaknesses are: http://football.guardian.co.uk/champ...062747,00.html
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