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Here is the pic, obtained via eBay.
Hope these help.
The close season is upon us and the rumour mills are in full swing. In Liverpool's case, you could say they're working overtime. So far we're apparently close to the following players: Defenders- Burdisso, Milito... Midfielders- Keita, Simao, Malouda, Silva, Rossini... Forwards- Eto'o, Mancini, Villa, Owen, Tevez, Bent... I am sure to have missed out on several names. At the same time, we're apparently shifting Carson (probably) Riise (nah) Hyypia...
Dinosaur Jr Coheed & Cambria Ivy Train Starsailor
G'day JB, I bought some suits from Decalo Fashion, which I was really pleased with. I bought off their eBay store, but they also have a website. I'd recommend checking both. I also keep an eye on some other eBay shops which are very cheap, but do not want to post too many links. PM me and I'll send those links your way. Cheers.
The Austrian trachten might be something you'd be interested in. I have one with a small brim, but it is not a pork pie. More like a short-brimmed fedora Sinatra would wear. Goorin make a lot of hats, including pork pies, if you're looking for a mass produced brand. I don't venture into high end, bespoke, MTM, milinery, so good luck with finding what you're after. ;]
Yay, have worn a cheap tie, solid beige, to match some shoes, for which I did not own a belt. It was only a casual look, though. I'd not try anything formal though, only jeans and beach-house party looks. Many are not daring enough to try something of their own accord without the approval of others, so if you try the formal 'do, please let me know how you went. ;] It can also be used as a belt for a trench coat, depending on how adventurous you are with...
You could try logging on to www.meetup.com and check out if there are any clubs in your area that share a similar interest.
G'day all, Bad day at the office. There are some moments I know we're going to concede- whenever I see O'Shea lurking near the death of a game at a set-piece, or in this case, the moment I saw Alonso knock Kaka over. It wasn't a dive- momentum made the fall look theatrical. It was a lucky goal, Stevie's 1-on-1 miss and the late goal killed it for us. Milan were not as good as many predicted, and Liverpool played much better than they are given credit for. United need...
G'day, I don't know which knot that is, but this site has many of them, so it might be fun to experiment with one of your expendable ties.
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