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Posts by strazzaque In Japanese, but Wotif says rooms are 109 and available on the 12th.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin Just spent the last hour trying to find a hotel room in either the CBD or surrounds for the 12th March and drew a total blank. Can some one recommend a cheap hotel in Sydney that may be available or maybe some sites I could check? A B and B would do but the prices I have encountered are effing absurd, what ever happened to cheap hotel accommodation? Check out the City Lodge on Hunter...
Yes, yes I am, re Preston and Jensen. Open Wednesday-Sunday during March is MJ Bale’s Oxford Street pop-up store - 416 Oxford St., Paddington - is selling its unique samples (i.e one-of-a-kinds) and vintage stock. Shirts start at $50. Get in quick to grab a bargain.
Quote: Originally Posted by CHECKstar Inspired by this blog post, I am on the lookout for a pair of flat front slim fitting Khaki pants. For about $80 AUD, Industrie may have exactly what you're after.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flyingfridge Hey guys, first time poster here.. just got into the world of quality/stylish men's clothing and all. I recently bought a Van Heusen shirt (Slim Fit, All Cotton) for ~$70 at Myers the other day. It's a step up from Tarocash/Connor style stuff i've been wearing, but what brand/stores should I be looking at if I want a shirt (Preferably OTR or maybe online MTM ones <$100-150) with softer fabric? A lot of people...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister An example of the Bali- nising of Australian culture: Ahem, more like Australianising existing culture! Bali is steeped in its own culture
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta if i were to play, would it be enough to choose tactics, or will i need some star wars knowledge as well? let me know if you just need one more, and i'll play with you. (you did give me a good laugh this morning.) Tactics are definitely helpful, and you also get to develop players. It is like a virtual stock market game, in that sense, with ups and downs. As for Star Wars knowledge, it helps...
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Sometimes living at the arse end of the world doesn't suck. No way! Sure, the prices are awful for all the things we like, but I would not leave Oz for anyplace, including MA! ;P Thankfully, eBay is a good source for the cheaper prices I like so very much!
Geoffrey Beene- Grey Flannel (3 sprays after a shower) and once that runs out, Diesel masculine (the green tea vapouriser) I also like Bvlgari black tea, Varvatos, and Kenneth Cole black.
Dominique Durand, of Ivy.
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