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Victor... best new poster since urban. Refreshing
Clifford "in the wild"
Never tried saba, which I assume is some stupid skinny legged shit. What I mean is no vanity sizing in the waist... a 34 in one brand isn't necessarily a 34 in another. The HY pants are top value, just be honest with yourself when you choose your size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Charlie's Wardrobe Interest check, just received my first pair of Howard Yount trou, in the charcoal all seasons fabric in a 30. They are a bit too tight and I should have gone for a 32 (which I will buy). $150 for any aussies keen otherwise I'll return them at the end of the week. BNWT To slim for me, but a warning to others... Howard Yount ain't vanity sized. Pair of twill trousers I bought had to be taken...
SF siting on St Georges Tce today? 3 piece suit, contrast collar, PS, aviators?
Quote: Originally Posted by lachyzee So how about Matt Moran's black tuxedo with electric blue lapels on Masterchef tonight....? Looks fucking stupid
Quote: Originally Posted by PregnantBob Yes, for them. Thanks mate, will more than likely buy as the fit was very good. Construction?
Considering buying a Polo Ralph Lauren made in Italy suit from DJ's for $630... good deal?
Quote: Originally Posted by Doug11 Q: What do Melbournians think of Sydney ? A: They don't. Sydney / Melbourne is like Auckland / Wellington Q: Why is it so windy in Wellington? A: Because Auckland sucks Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin Isn't there anything on TV tonight in Melbourne? Or what that quote from the seppos in WW2 'as big as the New York cemetery and twice as dead' Aside from that I ordered...
Fresh out of the box a week ago. Here's the link to that Pimlico / tetbury thread: Link
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