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<--- that guy did ok with it... but you ain't that guy
Just to let you know... Herringbone is having their spring warehouse sale 24 - 29 November. 118 Commonwealth, St Surry Hills
na na na na na na na naaa BATMAN!
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Vintage wooden board for me. I just replaced mine with a cheap as chips wooden board from K-Mart. Works a treat an no fear of dreaded cross hatchings on my shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by Wu Dynasty The SCVS013 is going to be my next watch purchase. It's a beautiful dress watch. You won't regret it. The pictures on Seiyas site really don't do it justice
I recently purchased the seiko 6R15 SCVS013 from Seiya-san and love it. Switched the band for a dark tan croc and shes a beaut. I would never have been aware of these Japan Seikos had it not been for SF
There used to be an "Introduce yourself" thread that the admins advised you to... well, introduce yourself when you first join. Doing a search I found it but it comes up with missing link?
Quote: Originally Posted by surfnbank I try to put in 10-15 hours a week. That's an awful lot... are you on the juice? If not you need to be careful not to overtrain
What about chinos?
I find if you replace the silk or linen with a sock solves the issue
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