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Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas FAIL. Link in article goes to the link in OP. So yeah, sold out. Shithouse... apologies. Was going to get some of them bad boys as well
Quote: Originally Posted by youngScholar Careful now. Seem to be sold out though. You can get them here:
I'll let the real experts critique your fit but will help you out with one thing... never button the bottom button of a suit jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by arca33 Hello im new to this forum and was wondering if any of you could help me find any place that may sell this jacket: But also any alternative that look similar would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you Erm, Marc Jacobs might stock them?
Quote: Originally Posted by emakris Sorry, that's not a Le Locle. The Le Locle say "Le Locle" on them and cost quite a bit more than 300 bucks. The Tissot the OP is enquiring about is not even automatic; it looks like one of the (much) cheaper quartz T-Classic models. I stand corrected... good call
Quote: Originally Posted by First one looks like a Tissot Le Locle? Really classy watch, that has been on my list for a while. To my untrained eye that's what I thought as well. Check this out for a random review:
<--- that guy did ok with it... but you ain't that guy
Just to let you know... Herringbone is having their spring warehouse sale 24 - 29 November. 118 Commonwealth, St Surry Hills
na na na na na na na naaa BATMAN!
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Vintage wooden board for me. I just replaced mine with a cheap as chips wooden board from K-Mart. Works a treat an no fear of dreaded cross hatchings on my shirts
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