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Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky Never waste an opportunity to look your best! +1
Smartass Don't post after drinking two bottles of wine in the sunshine Quote: Originally Posted by spertia Yes. Jon.
Great jon Mr Sam... Kept me amused for the last week. Keep up the good work J
Damn... what a bitch move. I got Ethans contact details off Joe and won't contact him until I've got the funds (bonus time next year). Wouldn't dream of wasting his time like that. Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - aren't you the tyre kicker that waisted Ethan's time not once but twice? You then went to another store to order the suit & still got the wrong size? Then had the hide to go & see him again & still walked out with nothing.. - how...
I received mine last week... lovely subtle super slim wallet. The calf skin is beautifully soft. I'll try and post some pics tomorrow "fully loaded". FYI I initially ordered the light brown but they'd sold out... Jamison was very apologetic and sent the dark brown wallet with no shipping. Quailty Quote: Originally Posted by lmaligaya wow, that may be exactly what I was looking for. Can you post pics if you have one while its loaded?
Speaking of the deadlift... if you want the BEST exercise for your back do them. Will fit perfectly in a 5x5 program. Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Use more weight! Start the bar on the ground in the same position as a deadlift, in the middle of the length of your foot. Make sure you pull off the ground and hit your upper ab with the bar every rep, too. People are so bad about cheating at this particular exercise. Think of...
I wore trousers and a collar to work today (no tie) and got the usual... "Job interview today" classic line
I'd just like to commend Jamison on outstanding service in this public domain. I ordered the brown antiqued calf wallet last night and recieved an email this morning apologising as it has sold out. To rectify the situation he has offered to send me the dark brown wallet instead and has given me a refund of the postage, and is sending the product via USPS Priority. Excellent customer service and a case of "putting it right" in the first degree. Well done J
+1 Ordered from Australia and had goods in 2 weeks Quote: Originally Posted by shiftless_bum I had absolutely no problem with them. I have no friends, so don't worry, I'm not padding a review. If it would help at all, I can email them and let them know that you're having some problems....
Quote: As someone with very bad feet problems, I can tell you that you are full of b.s. I had really bad plantar fasciitis, and was on the verge of getting surgery. On top of this, my Achilles tendon was also injured in a bad climbing accident. I hear you man... I got plantar fasciitis last year at the end of the cricket season and couldn't put ANY weight on my foot. It calmed down after about a month but it's still not completely gone (6 months...
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