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Just a thought, but choosing the cheapest fabric may have had an affect on the amount of "shrinkage". Their site states that their fadrics are pre-shrunk but I'd suggest that the combo of a cheap and nasty fabric along with using the dryer (don't do that as others have suggested) resulted in the shirt being wrecked. Next order better fabric (go for 2-ply cotton) and perhaps add .5 inch to measurements Also to all the people giving piss poor advice and trying to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by stant62 I think he's referring to the fact that the shirt sleeve looks a bit short as well. The amount of cuff shown is spot-on IMO. I would agree if his shirt sleeves weren't too short. If the shirt sleeves were the right length he'd be showing an inch of cuff
Quote: Originally Posted by asdf seiko spirit with several hundred to spare. OP already has a Seiko SARB035... very similar watch You could get a really nice hamilton for that price. I'd personally get the stowa marine original roman: http://www.german-watches.com/cgi-bi...62477145-28541 This would hit your dressier brief. If you're not already aware there is a waiting period for Stowas (6 - 8 weeks I believe)
Them crooked vultures
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff5000 those ties are awful
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas FAIL. Link in article goes to the link in OP. So yeah, sold out. Shithouse... apologies. Was going to get some of them bad boys as well
Quote: Originally Posted by youngScholar Careful now. Seem to be sold out though. You can get them here: http://coolmaterial.com/style/vintag...ter-cufflinks/
I'll let the real experts critique your fit but will help you out with one thing... never button the bottom button of a suit jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by arca33 Hello im new to this forum and was wondering if any of you could help me find any place that may sell this jacket: http://coolspotters.com/clothing/mar...-bomber-jacket But also any alternative that look similar would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you Erm, Marc Jacobs might stock them?
Quote: Originally Posted by emakris Sorry, that's not a Le Locle. The Le Locle say "Le Locle" on them and cost quite a bit more than 300 bucks. The Tissot the OP is enquiring about is not even automatic; it looks like one of the (much) cheaper quartz T-Classic models. I stand corrected... good call
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