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Ordered a couple myself last Friday. $60 a piece, figured it was worth a punt. Shipping was a bit steep for a single shirt though ($30)
Couldn't have said it better myself. 90% of the pics submitted there are god awful, and the circle jerk is crazy. Always amused me when a member would go in there and give blunt but fair critique and get crucified.
This is why I drive to work
Clifford's fresh for the box ~1 year ago
I was at Herringbone today to pick up a suit that they shipped in and have noticed a move away from the 3 roll 2 to a 2 button configuration on all suits.
Mine as well. I've seen jorts worn to my office
Looks like you're too late, they're sold out
I went there today at about 3:30 and it was closed. Selected suits are $699 according to their website and advertising on the shop front. I doubt their staples will be on sale though, i.e. grey and navy suits. Nice suit in the window that I would have purchased had they been open, light tan, herringbone weave.Their slim fit shirts are, erm, slim. Best to go in and try on.
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