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This is mine:
Why? I see no issue with this
That sounds rightThe 1880 range is the only one's I'd bother with. Other ranges may have the same lasts though, so he may be able to get his size at least.
You might be lucky. I can't recall seeing Loake's at DJ's city store in Perth. I have seen a pair of wingtips at a small shoe shop in one of the arcades though ($400 from memory. Looked like 1880 range). I usually go for a wander at lunch times so will get the shop name for you if you like.
Imagine my shock when I learnt Vox has moved to Perth... and drives a Kia
nice... cost?
Got mine yesterday, and am very impressed. Very good fit for me OTR. Will be ordering more once washed and confirmed limited "shrinkage"
Loake Kemptons in suede... used and abused
Must have missed that... you obviously have impeccable taste
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